Wine Night Featuring Marina Cvetić at Restaurant Đardin in Perast

By , 27 Aug 2019, 22:28 PM Lifestyle
Wine Night Featuring Marina Cvetić at Restaurant Đardin in Perast Wine Night in Djardin, copyright Restaurant Djardin

Wine evening in the beautiful ambience of the Perast Đardin Restaurant will be held on Friday 30 August, as announced by Đardin Restaurant. Đardin is a charming restaurant in the centre of Perast on the waterfront. The restaurant has a spectacular view of the two islets – saint George and Our Lady of the Rocks, well known to all the tourists.

That evening from 8 pm, guests will have the opportunity to taste high-quality wines from the famous Masciarelli winery from Italy, paired with traditional Mediterranean cuisine presented in a modern way.

The promotion will feature wines from two of Masciarelli's most valued wines, Marina Cvetić and Gianni Masciarelli, while a gastronomic delight will be provided by a top culinary team from the famous cuisine of Đardin Restaurant.

"The unique experience will be contributed by Marina Cvetić herself, who will attend the promotion. Enjoyment of wine and food will be accompanied by good music, which will be provided by the Kotor Klapa “Incanto” and the string “Trio Stravinsky”.

Marina Cvetic is the owner, winemaker and Operations Manager for Masciarelli Winery in San Martino, Chieti Abruzzo, Italy.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1967, Marina Cvetic Masciarelli grew up in her grandfather’s small vineyard. As an adult, she lived in several different countries before moving to Italy in 1987 and meeting the legendary winemaker Gianni Masciarelli. Married years later, the two forged an unbeatable wine-making partnership that birthed one of the Masciarelli Winery’s most prestigious varietals, the Marina Cvetic bottle. When Gianni passed away in 2008, Cvetic took over Masciarelli Winery as owner, winemaker, and Operations Manager. Cvetic has led the winery into a new age, increasing production from a couple thousand to well over one million bottles, establishing herself as a formidable force to be reckoned with. (

Seating is limited. Reservations at 067 221 219 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ”, as is concluded from the restaurant Đardin.

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