Roman Night in Risan, Conceived as Ancient Festival on 28 July

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Roman Night in Risan, Conceived as Ancient Festival on 28 July Roman Night in Risan, copyright Tourist Organization Kotor

July 19, 2019 - Roman Night 2019 will be organized on Sunday, 28 July in Risan, by the Tourist Organization of Kotor. The event will be held for the first time and it will take place at Risan promenade and market, starting at 8 p.m, as announced from the Tourist Organization.

Roman Night is conceived as an ancient Risan festival that will bring the public closer to the importance of archaeology in tourism and enrich the cultural and tourist offer of Risan and Boka Kotorska. The aim of the event is to connect the content that will be developed from relaxing entertainment activities (food, drinks, souvenir sales, pedagogical workshops) through more active learning and dating of the ancient colony (dress culture, hairstyle) to professional performers shows (fighting gladiators, slave sales, dance with fire) in the best way.

The idea is to have many themes: fun, jewellery, clothing, gastronomy, crafts, games and the programme will be divided into animations for children, entertainment and gastro.

 The programme for children, with the engagement of animator "Event Montenegro" will introduce Roman games, such as fighting with swords and shields, rope withdrawal, throwing walnuts into the amphora and more.

A large number of gifts and surprises will be waiting for younger participants and all the participants will have the opportunity to get Roman hairstyles and dress in a Roman-style with a laurel-leaf on their head. A small gladiator school will be organized by Medieval Kotor. Medieval Kotor is a group within the non-governmental organization for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Kotor and Montenegro, which deals with historical constructions of crafts, tools, clothing, weapons and tools, technologies and other segments of life.

Andrija Ramadanović from Kotor will be in charge to represent the "gladiator" and "spata" type of Roman swords. He is the owner of "Romada" Collection, which has over 200 copies of handmade cold weapons from 8th century B.C. to 20th century A.D. For this occasion, nine specimens of swords had been chosen.

Peter and Eva Martinović, founders of the old crafts studios, who successfully sell handmade ceramic products for 15 years will be presented the same evening. At Rome Night, they will feature unique ceramics created by their memory and imagination.

The guests will also be members of the "Narona" Archaeological Museum from Metković, who will present roman jewellery in front of the museum and will also feature the film "Roman Night in Narona".

This museum has been built on the ruins of the Roman Temple and is unique by its specific finds of 17 marble sculptures. In addition to its numerous awards, the museum was specially awarded for the contribution to the enrichment of Croatia's tourist offer.

Sixteen performers will feature at Rome Night, dressed as centurions, standard-bearers and Roman legionaries. Gladiator battles with adequate gladiator equipment will also be shown, with the participation of 4 trained gladiators. This programme will be featured by Diocletian's Legion, the Association from Croatia.

The fire show will be organized with small props (candles, orbs, then), then with large props (sticks, bells, snakes), fire-blowing as well as volcanoes and pyrotechnics that will light up a few meters in diameter and enrich the program. The Haos animators from Serbia have been engaged for this part of the show.

A lecture on Roman culture will be held by archaeologist Mrs. Vilma Kovačević, and also a mini quiz.

For the gastro section, the association "Women of Risan" and the NGO "Karampana" from Kotor will be in charge, so that the visitors will get the chance to enjoy Roman delicacies.

The programme moderator will be Dolores Fabijan.

The project has been supported by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, as stated by the Tourist Organization of Kotor.

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