Dance Theatre Opening Tonight at Tivat Summer Stage

By , 12 Jul 2019, 01:53 AM Lifestyle
Dance Theatre Opening Tonight at Tivat Summer Stage dance theatre Triptych Copyright Cultural Centre Tivat

12. July, 2019 - Dance Theatre Festival opens tonight at Tivat Summer Stage as a part of Purgatorije Festival. This second edition of the festival, organized by Cultural Centre Tivat will be opened by the performance of "Balkan Dance Project" from Belgrade and HKN "Ivan Pl. Zajc” from Rijeka.

Within the evening called Dance Triptych, the following choreographies will be performed:

Sablazan (Offence) in the valley of St. Florian, choreographer Aleksandar Ilić, Bolero, choreographer Andonis Foniadakis and Why Are You Not Here, choreographer Igor Kiro

Festival Selector, Jelena Kajgo presents Dance Triptych Balkan Dance:

"It begins with the work of the Serbian choreographer Aleksandar Ilić, soloist of the Ballet of the National Theatre in Belgrade. Sablazan In the Valley of St. Florian, is a visually exciting accomplishment which speaks dance language about human hypocrisy and immorality. What happens when the paradise valley, in spite of complacency, covered with fog of dust, separated by a spider web from search for the meaning of life, bounces Sablazan. All of the great colours of life, passion, love, challenges ... as tectonic cataclysms, all the self-love, lies, double morality, greed, so carelessly hidden under the guilt of innocence and honesty, throws out to the surface. In his short satire of Sablazan in the valley of St. Florian, Ivan Cankar ruffles all the misery of social hypocrisy and dual morality.

The second dance piece is an inventive work by the renowned Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis, in the performance of the ballet of the Croatian National Theater Ivan Zajc from Rijeka. "With the rhythms of the famous Bolero Morris Ravel, five players on the trampolines will give the audience the ultimate strength and ecstatic nature of the body in the air. From Bezar, hence, Bolero inspires choreographers, their originality and repetition, to trance. "Adds Kajgo.

Through The Triptych Balkan Dance the audience will get to know the work of the famous Macedonian choreographer Igor Kirov, director of the Ballet of the Croatian National Theater in Split, whose attractive dance style, inspired by Bosnian melos and Sevdalinka, reflects the harmony and ease of movement in the choreography "What You Do not Got".

This will be the first of the five nights of the Dance Theatre festival, and the rest of the programs will be on the repertoire on 15, 17, 22 July and 10 August.

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