Dance Seminar within Festival of Dance Theatre

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Dance Seminar within Festival of Dance Theatre dance seminar, Copyright ŠkArt

The dance seminar within the Festival of Dance Theatre has been organized by the Cultural Centre Tivat in cooperation with the local NGO ŠkArt and Bitef Dance Company from Belgrade. This one-week seminar is attended by 20 participants aged 10 to 30.

ŠkArt said that the seminar has more participants than last year when there were fifteen. The interest in this educational program was also great then, even though it was only a pilot project. Participants come from Montenegro – Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Bar, and Tivat, as well as from Serbia, with this year’s incredible opportunity to be taught by a classical ballet teacher like Leo Mujić. Mujić is a dance pedagogue and choreographer who had, before having great success as a choreographer with his dance performances, won the world dance scene as a ballet dancer. Contemporary class is conducted by Milica Pisić and hip-hop by Petar Miladinović.

Bojana Popadić, the president of NGO ŠkArt, says for TMN:

"The seminar, among others, attend 4 participants who were there last year and two of them have been sponsored by our association, which is a great pleasure for us because we were able to invest in the training of young talents. This shows us that it was a real thing to organize this type of education in our town because we need to support our talents. Kids usually don’t have options to travel in order to get good education and improvement, that is why we are bringing professionals here. It is a privilege to attend seminars leaded by Lea Mujić and Ašhen Ataljanc, who conducted classical ballet at the first seminar, and we are delighted that there is a lot of students from two countries. We also have three dancers from Bitef Dance Company attending the seminar. All the classes are being held on Tivat Summer Stage and each of them is preparing a 45 minute long programme for the Open Class, which will close the event.                                                                                                                                                                     This year the project is also supported by the municipality of Tivat through their yearly distribution contest for non-governmental organizations."                                                                                                          ŠkArt was founded in January 2017 with the aim to create and promote culture and art, especially engaged art and alternative culture. It has a special interest in BUTO dance.

"I use this opportunity and invite all dance lovers to come and see our final show, besides the dance performances they are able to watch these days on the Summer Stage. Our Open Class will take place on 19 July at 19,00 and the audience can have a look and see what our worthy dancers have prepared during the seminar, " Bojana pointed out.

The seminar is being recorded from the air by drone in cooperation with the Drone Studio Tivat, which also recorded this gathering last year - International Dance Seminar Tivat 2018.

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