Purgatorije Festival in Tivat Begins 30 June, Bringing 23 Theater Performances

By , 25 Jun 2019, 11:18 AM Lifestyle
Purgatorije Festival in Tivat Begins 30 June, Bringing 23 Theater Performances 14th Purgatorije Festival Starts 30 June, Photo by Zeljko Komnenovic
June 25, 2019 - Within the 14th Purgatorije - Festival of the Mediterranean Theater, eight performances will compete for the prestigious awards of one of the biggest theater festivals in the region, with the audience being able to watch 15 other theater plays, as well as the second Dance Festival with seven choreographies and the Second Dance Seminar, revealed the press conference yesterday.
The opening ceremony of the Festival will be held on 30 June, when the "Florence Hat" of the Belgrade Theater "Boško Buha" will be played on the Summer Stage, and Purgatorije will open with last year's laureate, actress Jelisaveta Seka Sablić. The closing ceremony of the Festival was announced on 30 August with the award ceremony and the performance of the "Turn of the Glass" of the Yugoslav Dramatic Theater.
Selector Tanja Mandić Rigonat emphasized that this year's Purgatorije is dedicated to the conquest of stage freedom and the Mediterranean in the broader sense, which is also committed to the motto of the Festival - Vergiliv's thought "Do not step up to the challenges we are boldly encountered - Open the Way of Freedom." She has distributed this year's competition program to performances based on the tradition of Mediterranean comedy and tragedy, "comedy of art" and the accomplishments that were made according to film scenarios. The audience of Purgatorije will have an opportunity to watch the following performances:
- "Bakhe" Theater "Ulysses" and ZKM Zagreb 3 July
- "Constitution of the Republic of Croatia" by the Kerempuh Satyr Theater 7 July
- "Barufe," Gledališće from Kopra, Slovenian Standing Audience from Trieste and Istrian People's Audience 9 July 
- "Bloody Weddings" Budva City Theater and the Serbian National Theater on 8 August,
- "The Capital" of the Royal Theater Zetski dom on 22 August
- "Unclear Blood" of the National Theater from Belgrade on 24 August    
- "Remember Doli Bel" Theater 55 from Sarajevo on 27 August 
- "Why did he miss Mr. R" of the Yugoslav Theater Theater on28 August?
Jelena Kajgo, the selector of the 2nd Dance Festival, said that this year's Festival will begin on 12 July with a dance triptych and that the audience will have the opportunity to view seven dance choreographies. She will then be performing pieces of "Saber in the Valley of St. Florian" by choreographer Alexander Ilić, "Bolero" by Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis, "What's wrong with you" by Igor Kira. July 15 will reveal the dance choreography "Space for Revolution" by Isidore Stanišić. The premiere of the dance piece "Divine Hunger," produced by the Zagreb Dance Center and the "Carevo New Suit," will be announced as part of the Festival, and the Montenegrin dance ball "Balo" will feature the choreography "Scream". About the Festival that the Tivat Culture Center is implementing with Bitef dens, Kajgo said it was a unique event aimed at launching a dance theater in Montenegro.
Bojana Popovic from NGO "Škart" announced the Second Dance Seminar, which will be held from 13 to 20 July, and will bring together leading dance pedagogues from the region, Leona Mujić, Branimira Đuričić, and Milica Pisić, who will take part in contemporary dance, classical ballet and hip hop.
"17 candidates have already signed up with high-quality pedagogues," Bojana Popović said adding that the seminar will be held at the Summer Stage and that public speaking will be held on 19 July.
Director of CZK, Neven Staničić said that this year's Purgatorije takes place under the motto "Summer on the scene" and that besides the theater and dance, there are also quality music events. At the 14th Festival "Purgatorije", there will also be five domestic productions, renewed performances "Bokeški D mol" and "Mediterranean," as well as "Hasanaginica," "Filomena Marturano," "Tre Sorelle" and "Little pirate."

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