'Herceg Novi Through Time' Documentary Within Fortress ReInvented Project

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'Herceg Novi Through Time' Documentary Within Fortress ReInvented Project Herceg Novi Back to Middle Age, Copyrigth: Radio Herceg Novi
June 10, 2019 - Thanks to the filming of the final stages of the documentary-feature film on the establishment and development of Herceg Novi from its founding, Tvrtko I Kotromanić revived the medieval market of Herceg Novi at the Old Town Square of Mićo Pavlović last weekend.
At wooden stalls, guests were offered sour fruits, vegetables, sour cherries, olives, bread, clothes, wool, but there were also dishes, weapons and parts of the armor, authentic coffin mint, old, forgotten tools, milling grind, one patient and no stubborn donkey. 
Dressed in costumes from the Middle Age, forty participants, from little ones to the elderly waited to hear "action" and then set off in Herceg Novi's marketplace, which, like in some time machine, the atmosphere, smells and colors returned to the distant past.
The film will be screened at the Kanli Tower from the end of July. It comes as the result of the cross-border project "Fortress ReInvented," realized in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, in the cities of Šibenik, Klis, Zenica and Herceg Novi, which in this thoroughly contemporary way they want to valorize their fortresses with support from the EU funds.
"Any visitor can walk into the Middle Ages or in the scene of a market designed for a movie for which we use modern technology to preserve our tradition, but also show our history to our youth and guests. It is the so-called extended reality," explains the head of the Herceg Novi's Office for International Cooperation, Simonida Kordić.
According to her, the audience will visit the fortress with 3D glasses, and on some specially marked points will be able to see particular scenes. The film will be shown in its entirety in one of the rooms on the Kanli Tower. The third option that will be offered is the interactive portal. It is indeed an exciting opportunity for visitors to see what happens at the fortresses in town and partners in this project. Their visitors will be able to jump right into the event at the Kanla Tower in Herceg Novi. Kordic emphasizes that such an approach is a confirmation of the proximity of these cities, but also an excellent promotional practice, useful for all in creating new tourism products.
Kordic emphasizes that in the whole process it was essential that the film was not a romantic reconstruction of the past, but instead to the extent that it is possible to have a real visual historical reflection of the history of Herceg Novi.
"Digital Dab" and "Čikom" joined in this project, and producer Milosav Pavlović points out that with the rain, and the usual problems in such projects, the recording was well done in all locations from Ubli to the Savina Monastery and the Old Town.
The perfect scene is the depiction of everyday life in Herceg Novi in the Middle Ages, it is also one of the most difficult ones, but it all went well thanks to the excellent mood of the entire team and statisticians, and especially the two youngest boys, Nikola Mračević and Jovo Knežević.
It is planned to complete the digitalization of Kanli Tower by mid-July, which includes the appropriate equipment, tablets, Epson, special binocular realistic glasses as well as the arrangement of a particular room on an ancient fortress, which is in the final stage of realization.
Source: Radio Herceg Novi

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