Exhibition on Boka Navy Within Independence Day Celebration

By , 16 May 2019, 14:34 PM Lifestyle
Exhibition on Boka Navy Within Independence Day Celebration Illustration: The Exhibition in Cetinje will be preceded by the presentation of intangible heritage of Boka Navy, Photo by Antonela Stjepcevic

May 16, 2019 - On the occasion of marking Independence Day, a representative exhibition on the Boka Navy Kotor, the oldest organization of sailors in the world marking its 1210 anniversary this year, will be opened tomorrow in Cetinje. The opening of the exhibition will be preceded by the performance of the Main Squadron of the Boka Navy and the dancing of the traditional St. Tryphon's round dance at Palace Square at 5 pm.

The Boka Navy and the local and national cultural institutions formed the Boka Navy Commemoration Board, and the Cetinje exhibition is the first of the programs organized in the jubilee year, where the entry of the first protected immaterial item of Montenegro on the UNESCO Representative List of humankind is expected. Secretary of the National Commission for Cooperation with the UNESCO Committee, Milica Nikolic, states:
"The Boka Navy Kotor jointly prepared the exhibition with the Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor, the Historical Archives of Kotor, the Municipality of Kotor and the Ministry of Culture, with the great help of the Diocese of Bishopric Kotor and the Public Institution of the Kotor Museums. All these institutions gave their contribution through the transfer of artefacts to the Boka Navy for the selection of this exhibition. What is important to emphasize is that through Cetinje's manifestation, we want to give an opportunity to see both the material and the non-material segments of the legacy of the Boka Navy through a direct encounter with its ancient customs-the honorary establishment and the Round Dance of St. Tryphon, invariably practised for ages," says Milica Nikolić.
The exhibition includes archive documents, art images, photographs, ship designs, weapons and uniforms of the Boka Navy. Visitors will also have the opportunity to view the documentary film about the Boka Navy, which is an integral part of the Application to the UNESCO Representative List, and the World Heritage Committee will make its decision by the end of this year.
At the opening of the exhibition, Director of the Maritime Museum, Andro Radulović, and Admiral of the Boka Navy, Antun Sbutega, will speak. The event will officially open by the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro and Minister of Justice, Zoran Pažin.
According to Milica Nikolić, the ambition of the Boka Navy Commemoration Board for its 1210 anniversary is to present the exhibition throughout the year to a broader audience, especially in the cities of Europe.

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