KotorArt: Coca-Cola Stage Presenting Sergej Ćetković and Massimo Savić

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KotorArt: Coca-Cola Stage Presenting Sergej Ćetković and Massimo Savić KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music

May 13, 2019 - The KotorArt Festival within the Coca-Cola Stage allows the audience to hear more popular music sounds while maintaining a high level of artistic expression. In addition to the previously announced concert of the Montenegrin star, Sergej Cetkovic with young talents, a regional pop attraction, Croatian musician Massimo Savic, arrives in Kotor.

For this segment of the program, there is traditionally a great interest, so organizers for this year's edition provided more space by moving the Coca Cola Stage to the Small Sports Stadium at Benovo across the Old city.
Sergej Cetkovic, one of the most famous musicians in Montenegro and the region, will perform at the KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music, with the orchestra of the music schools "Vida Matjan" from Kotor and "Mokranjac" from Belgrade. A concert titled "Sergej presents the Young Talent Orchestra" is scheduled for 31 July.
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KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days for many years has been organizing concerts that have become recognizable by the exciting sounds interweaving popular and classical music. It will be an exceptional opportunity to listen to a slightly different version of Sergej's songs that he will sing to the audience, accompanied by a band and an orchestra. Sergey will also join two outstanding young musicians, Filip Bosiljčić from Belgrade, and accordion artist Bosko Tujković from Kotor. One of the essential goals of this kind of cooperation is precisely aimed at students who will, by socializing and working together, learn for the first time about everything that a complex orchestral project implies on the road to its realization on the scene, KotorArt explained.
"By connecting students of two music schools from Kotor and Belgrade, with an extraordinary gentleman and performer such as Sergei Cetkovic, we allow children to meet, acquire the experience of playing arrangements on the scene where artistic and modern music will be interwoven. We provide the audience with a unique concert of Sergej's hits accompanied by young talents and sounds of the string orchestra, which will also mean popularizing classical music with the broader audience through the works of the orchestral repertoire," the Festival PR said.
Within the Coca-Cola Stage, the Festival provides an opportunity for the audience to hear more popular music sounds while maintaining a high level of artistic expression. Thus, within the Coca-Cola Stage series, some of the most famous names of pop music of the former Yugoslavia, from Arsen Dedić and Josipa Lisac to Amira Medunjanin, performed in Kotor for the first time. We also presented brilliant jazz musicians - pianists Vasil Hadžimanov and Matija Dedić, and great vocals Gabi Novak and Bisera Veletanlic.
Coca Cola Stage within the KotorArt 2019 will open on 29 July, but for that date, it is still not confirmed who will perform in Kotor. The concert of Sergej Četkovic and young musicians will precede the performance of one of the favorite musicians in the region, recognized by the high quality of his compositions and interpretation, Massimo Savic, who performs on Benovo on 30 July.
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"We are pleased that, in addition to the unique performance of Sergej Cetkovic with the Youth Talent Orchestra, we will host another music star with unique vocals, Massimo Savic. We will soon announce the details of the third concert at the Coca-Cola Stage, which will also be a mix of classical music and more popular sounds," announced the Festival PR.
Massimo Savić entered the world of music as a high school student, playing electric guitar. Upon his arrival in Zagreb in 1979, he founded the Dorian Gray band, and this post-production band soon won the music scene of the city, but also expanded its space. After the breakup of the group, Massimo achieved his solo career. As a reaction to the feelings against the war on the ex-Yugoslav territory, the album Elements was created in English, after which Massimo withdrew from the scene. He published his return album Massimo in 2002. The album "Sada" (Now) released by Aquarius Records in 2018 is a time point, set as the present moment in relation to the first album "Sjaj u Tami" (Shine in the Dark), released 36 years ago, and with regard to the future, which, according to new songs, promises excellent success," the KotorArt media team said.
International music festival- KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music starts on 13 July and will last until 13 August.

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