KotorArt Opening Ceremony is Celebrating "Art of Remembrance"

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KotorArt Opening Ceremony is Celebrating "Art of Remembrance" KotorArt Opening Ceremony- "Art of Remembrance", 13 July 2019, 10 pm, St. Tripun Square, Old Town Kotor

April 27, 2019 - The opening ceremony of XVIII KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music, titled 'The Art of Remembrance', is traditionally held on 13 July, on the Statehood Day, in front of the Cathedral of St. Tripun, starting at 22h. This year's program celebrates 40 years since the earthquake and the status of UNESCO. 

KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music at the festive opening traditionally nurtures artistic creativity inspired by local topics of universal messages. The memorial art program marks the 40th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in 1979 and also Kotor and Boka's place on UNESCO's list of the cultural and natural heritage of the world. It will be marked by premiere performances of two compositions, a festival order, a festival audience of well-known Montenegrin composers Nina Perovic and Ivan Marovic.
In addition to accompanying Kotor Art Festival Orchestra and under the conductor Julija Marić, Montenegrin soprano Olivera Tičević, Marijana Šovran, and Milica Milanović will perform as soloists, followed by the performance of Kotor’s Klapa Who See.
New musical premieres will be rounded up and by the premiere of the documentary of director Dušan Vulekovic, who is also well known to the festival audience. The film deals with the reflections of Bokelian residents and their personal experiences related to the catastrophic earthquake but also brings encouraging and positive stories from that period, apostrophizing the importance of UNESCO's presence in the reconstruction, development, and preservation of the City and Boka Bay.
Opening Ceremony tickets are on pre-sale, at discounted prices, and in limited quantities at Tobacco S Press kiosks and via the Internet at www.kotorart.me.
KotorArt is offering a lot of side programs aiming to open new spaces both literally and figuratively:

KotorArt Announced Lecture by Ichak Adizes, Famous Management Researcher

One significant characteristic of the KotorArt Festival is its immense program capacity and diversity, which includes connecting art with all society-relevant issues and fields.
Having this aim in mind, this year, one of the most famous and relevant management researchers Ichak Adizes comes to KotorArt to hold a lecture for business leaders, diplomacy and managers of Montenegro and the region. "The secret of success: modern companies and leadership."
The lecture will take place on 16 July, at The Chedi Hotel in Lustica Bay. Lustica bay is a significant partner of this event as well as one of the most important sponsors of the entire KotorArt festival. Application forms for interested managers, entrepreneurs or someone wishing to improve knowledge on management and leadership, is available at kotorart.me.
Ichak Adizes will also perform on accordion at Festival's orchestra concert on 17 July.


Street performances are one of the specialties of KotorArt and Don Branko's days of music. The organizers are preparing, like every year, an audition for street performance, for the program "Ports of Art." It is a unique opportunity on Kotor's squares during the festival, from July 13th until August 13th. Interested artists can apply before 15 May. For more info, visit the festival webpage.

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