Sinjajevina Mountain Shouldn't Become Military Training Ground: Protest Announced

By , 06 May 2019, 11:56 AM Lifestyle
Sinjajevina Mountain Shouldn't Become Military Training Ground: Protest Announced Sinjajevina Mountain, Copyright:

May 6, 2019 - Citizens who oppose the militarization of the Sinjajevina Mountain have announced a protest on 19 May at noon. They will gather at the Katun Okrugljak, in front of the Ružica church to require the Ministry of Defense not to build a military training area on the Sava Waters.

The protest was announced by the Association of Citizens of Bjelopavlići "Bijeli Pavle", the Association of Cattle Breeders "Bjelopavlićka Sinjavina", the Danilovgrad Municipal Church, the Mountaineering Club Prekornica and the Informal Association of Citizens "Preserve Sinjavina".
The protest organizers said that they were particularly surprised and disturbed by the "more aggressive and less ostentatious efforts of the Ministry of Defense and the leadership of the Army of Montenegro that despite the clear and unequivocal opposition of the citizens" intensify their efforts to turn Sinjajevina into a military exercise ground.
They argued that the citizens of all the municipalities gravitating to Sinjavina are against the militarization of this mountain, and have the right to use the pastures - Kolasin, Mojkovac, Žabljak, Šavnik, Danilovgrad and Bijelo Polje.
"The dissatisfaction culminated in an inadvertent statement by the Chief of General Staff of the Army of Montenegro, Dragutin Dakić, from the day before," they said. The Army planned to use 10,800 hectares or a quarter of the total area of Plato Sinjajevina.
"It is clear that the Army needs a training ground somewhere, but it is questionable whether such a dimensioned force as the Montenegrin Army needs so much space, especially in extremely significant and attractive areas such as Sinjajevina ... It particularly irritates the Chief General Staff's explanation that it is a state asset. We immediately asked questions: whose country is Montenegro? Is it a state of citizens or a state owned by its servants? How did the communes become state assets, who did it belong to earlier and could they deny the acquired rights of citizens from the areas of municipalities that use the Sinjajevina areas for centuries to continue using it undisturbed? What rights do citizens have? Who finances the state and the Army? What is this about?" the organizers of the protest are asking.
They asked the authorities to stop working against the interests of Montenegro.
"We especially appeal to representatives of ministries and representatives of current authorities in the mentioned municipalities to stand in front of their citizens who will come to the announced meeting and say clearly NOT the construction of military bases and polygons in the Sinjajevina area. Let Sinjajevina remain what it has been for centuries - a great success for the preservation and development of the nomadic way of cattle breeding. The peasants call on all nature lovers to come to support a protest gathering scheduled for 19 May to help preserve Sinjajevina Mountain.

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