LGBTIQ Tourism in Montenegro Analysed by LGBT Forum Progress

By , 19 Apr 2019, 11:05 AM Lifestyle
LGBTIQ Tourism in Montenegro Analysed by LGBT Forum Progress LGBTIQ Tourism in Montenegro- Fundamental Research Conducted by LGBT Forum Progress

April 19, 2019 - LGBT Forum Progress conducted the first comprehensive research in the LGBTIQ tourism sector in Montenegro in the form of a thematic publication of a pioneering initiative for Montenegrin tourism, reported this organization.

The paper "Analysis of Potential for the Development of LGBTIQ Tourism in Montenegro: Opinions and Recommendations" is the result of several years of work and dedication to LGBT Forum Progress and its partners. "In particular, we need to highlight the specific recommendations that the publication itself contains, including the most important domains for the detailed mapping of "gay-friendly" sites, the provision of training for tourist workers and service providers, and the strengthening of LGBTIQ tourist niches." 
Inspired by the examples of countries with highly developed LGBTIQ tourism and the need for this type of project to be implemented in Montenegro, the Forum Progress team, gathered around Bojana Jokić as the author and research leader, collected fundamental data at the level of Montenegro. Results point to specific problems and the needs that exist in certain parts of the country, as well as opportunities for the growth and development of LGBTIQ tourist niches. In addition to national research, an analysis of the LGBTIQ tourist offer was carried out at the international level, with particular focus on the narrower region.
 "LGBTIQ tourism is one of the newer forms of tourism that is experiencing a growth in recent years. More and more LGBTIQ tourists are turning to a bid that is tailored to their requirements. 
Based on the research of the European Tourism LGBT Association, LGBTIQ tourists are low-cost tourists who travel on average four times a year, out of the high season. This data of LGBTIQ makes it desirable for tourists, for whom economic calculations and projections verify the viability of adapting the country's specific tourist supply to particular needs and demand. Montenegro as a country that is internationally recognized as a desirable tourist destination has the interest to create conditions that LGBTIQ tourists can enjoy unhindered when visiting us, and enjoy the beauties of our country and all the facilities they need without fear of discrimination or violence. I can proudly say that this publication and research is based on the fact that Montenegro is essentially a "gay-friendly" country, thus significantly increasing the benefits of tourism as a business branch," said Bojana Jokić, author.
The essential next step is a fundamental and systematic approach to this field of tourism, which implies the activity of all tourist entities in Montenegro, both institutions, as well as service providers and civil society, concludes in the statement. LGBT Forum Progres will, as they say, continue with efforts to promote the LGBTIQ tourist niche offer, which will ultimately provide a sustainable trend for increasing the state budget and have a positive impact on the overall standard of our fellow citizens.

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