Colakovic: Law Enforcement is Key Moment in Lives of LGBT People

By , 15 Apr 2019, 15:43 PM Lifestyle
The Law to make better the lives of LGBT community in Montenegro The Law to make better the lives of LGBT community in Montenegro Shutterstock

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Adopting the law on the life partnership for persons of the same gender will be a key moment in the lives of LGBT people, which will show that the deputies are concerned for all the citizens despite their differences, it was said by the Director for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights Juventas, Jelena Colakovic.

"Why do I say the key moment? Because the same-gender communities are a reality which is only necessary for the state, or legislator, to legally determine so that the community and the people of the same sex have the rights of heterosexual couples in extramarital or marital communities," explained Colakovic.

As she said, in the current situation there is a gray zone that is susceptible to discrimination and violence.

"In this case, with the rights that the LGBT people will receive through this law the gray zone will be regulated. In that case, we have individuals who have higher quality lives, are more satisfied and contribute to their community and to their future," said Colakovic.

Specifically, she added, adopting the law would, among other things, also entitle the right to inheritance.

"For example, a couple who lived and created a life together for a long time would not be in a situation where, if something happens to one of them, the other could not inherit the property, i.e., what they acquired and what they built over time," said Colakovic.

According to her, everyone is trying to create something in the communities that is important and what they will use in the future.

"So also, the people who are in the same-gender communities want security. We know that when someone close to us, for example, a partner is in an intensive care, not everyone can enter to see him, but only family," said Colakovic.

As she said, they want the law to provide basic things, which is primarily just living their lives.

"Someone will think of this as something special, and in reality, it is only the life itself and only what everyone should have, regardless of what their sexual orientation and gender identity is," said Colakovic.

On the other hand, the state would get happy individuals.

"We know that happy individuals make a more satisfied society and we hope that with this message of taking care of all its citizens, not only by the state, but also by the deputies in parliament, to show concern for the citizens regardless of their differences," said Colakovic.

She added that everyone, both those who bring and those who enforce laws, will be somewhat more responsible towards LGBT people.

As she said, they would be more responsible in the context of their lives, "and it seems to me that this will also affect those citizens themselves."

"They will see that someone really takes care of them and that the negative things they are exposed to are slowly diminishing or trying to be fixed by implementing a legal solution that will in any case improve the quality of their lives," says Colakovic.

She told the decision makers that the key thing is to take care of all the citizens, regardless of what their diversity is.

"The fact is that Montenegro needs more satisfied people, and if you show that you worry about them, I think you will have citizens who will be grateful to you," said Colakovic.

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Text by MINA News, on April 14th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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