Veslo Bay on Lustica Demolished by Illegal Works

By , 20 Mar 2019, 13:33 PM Lifestyle
Veslo Bay on Lustica Demolished by Illegal Works Construction works in Veslo Bay, unknown author

March 20, 2019 - Photography of heavy construction works in Veslo Bay on the Luštica peninsula, in the belt to the sea itself, has disturbed the Bokelian public in recent days. In the responses of the Municipality of Herceg Novi to the journalists' questions, it is evident that the local administration does not know who is here and what they are building. But, the local administration stated that there is no relevant urban planning documentation for the site in question, from which it can be concluded that these works are being carried out illegally.

"The Local Study of the Location Veslo Bay (LSL) was launched by issuing a Decision on the Plan 2014 on the request of interested users of the space," said the Municipality of Herceg Novi.
The plan was stopped in 2016 because the Spatial Plan of the Herceg Novi Municipality was put out of force. By the adoption of the new Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Objects in October 2017, the procedure for drafting the plan continued. In the opinion of the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development (MORT), the draft plan was necessary to correct. Meanwhile, a Cultural Property Study for the Local Study of the Location of Veslo Bay was made. Finally, according to Art. 217 of the new Law on Planning - on 31 December last year the production of this draft document was suspended, explained the Secretariat for Planning the Space.
Thus, the urbanization plan for the Veslo Bay does not exist, or the Municipality of Herceg Novi does not know about it.
Officials of the Municipal Police and Inspection of the Municipality of Herceg Novi were on the spot and found "construction works on the development of dock- Mandrać."
"The works are carried out near the natural stone beach by removing and plastering a larger amount of stone forming a rectangular form of a dock, measuring 20 × 30 meters. On the ground, it was concluded that works on concreting the three-seaport were also performed. A large amount of stone blocks the entrance to the dock, to carry out works. The Field Record and Photo Documentation, the Utility Police Service and the Inspection Supervision, were forwarded to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, respectively to the competent inspections for further action," the Sarajevo Municipalities said.
According to Radio Jadran, the locals say there is no wild building, but investment in infrastructure. By the way, the dredger visible in the photograph was hired to remove the broken electricity supplying column from the location.
"There is nothing at hand right now, but we've got the dredger to get us the lighting. The sea is well acquainted with this and someone without wanting to get frustrated, and we do not know why. No additional work is available now, " Radio Jadran's correspondents said.

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