Herceg Novi Applied for Three Projects Within Multilateral IPA Program

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Herceg Novi Applied for Three Projects Within Multilateral IPA Program Copyright: Agencija za razovj i zastitu Orjena, Official Facebook Page

January 17, 2019 - The Agency for Construction and Development of Herceg Novi applied for funds through the IPA program for three multilateral projects, in cooperation with the local government and the Office for International Cooperation, as well as its associates from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The total value of all three projects is about EUR 6 million, of which Herceg Novi would get almost 1.4 million. It is about ADRIASCAPE, Business Incubator and "Ciro 2" projects.
The ADRIASCAPE project is dedicated to better inform the general public of the cultural and natural heritage of the new hinterland, its affirmation, and enrichment of the city's offer with new tourist tours, as well as the affirmation of cycling, said to Radio Jadran the Director of the Agency for Construction and Development of Herceg Novi, Boro Lučić:
The idea is to make the route Porobici - Lazarevic, which would link Mojdez and Mokrine. The road already exists but is appalling. We would expand it, asphalt it, and set the light. It would be a continuation of the journey through the Tijesni gorge, Sutorina, and Ratisevina, as the second part of the road connecting the Mokrine. So, from Sutorina through Ratisevina and Mojdez, it would be possible to come out to Mokrine. The revitalization and the passage of this road are also significant for firefighter interventions. Even, bicyclists will get a fantastic route in the hinterland of Herceg Novi.
The second part of the project is the arrangement of the road from Mokrine to the church of Lazarica, as well as the current viewpoint. It would round off the bicycle route towards Orjen, connected with the Adventure Park on Vrbanj.
Also, as part of this project, partners from Herceg Novi should also organize a two-day international dry-stone constructing workshop, as well as a photo colony, whose theme will be the hinterland of Herceg Novi and traditional construction styles, with a particular look at the dry-stone constructions. The total value of the project is about 3 million euros, of which the Herceg Novi municipality will get half a million.
The second project named "Ciro 2", in which Herceg Novi participates with the municipalities of Ravno and Konavle, implies the urbanization of the former railway track by which the famous Ciro from the Zelenika railway passes to the train station in Sutorina. The value of the project is 1.5 million euros, of which Herceg Novi will use 500 thousand euros:
"We intend to set up various tables from Zelenika to Karaula, where we will show what was happening there, while Ciro was passing. We would do one station at Skver, called the "virtual reality station," where we would use a 3D technic with the help of glasses to show a short film about Skver when the train was operating," explains Lucic.
Now there is no access from Karaula to the railway station, so in Herceg Novi, they plan to set up a road to the Pavlovic motel, which would lead to the bus station and go further to Igalo. Arranging the route would imply placing lighting, benches, and polygons for rollers and cyclists. Through the Sutorinsko polje, along the river, the Agency plans to establish a cycle path for recreational cycling, which would complement this project with the Adriascape project.
The last project for IPA funds is the creation of a business incubator, and the partners of the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the Construction Agency in this project are the Development Agency of Novska - Nora and the Municipality of Laktasi. The value of the project is around €1 million, of which Herceg Novi budget is 376.4 thousand euros.
This project aims to develop a business center to help domestic manufacturers to accelerate the sales and marketing process of local products and agricultural production. Within this project, Herceg Novi plans the construction of an entrepreneurial center in Sutorina.
Lucic expects that next month they should know whether they have passed the "first round of qualification." If applications are accepted, funding contracts could be signed in June, after which projects implementation will start.
Source: Radio Jadran

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