Weather in Montenegro: Forecasts for Weekend Show No Rainfall

By , 11 Jan 2019, 20:20 PM Lifestyle
Weather in Montenegro: Forecasts for Weekend Show No Rainfall Photo by Stanislavka Donska, Kotor TV Facebook Page

January 11, 2019 - The first ten days of January this year saw the weather colder than the average, and preliminary data from meteorological stations show that the average air temperature is lower in all places in Montenegro, said meteorologist Dragan Burić.

"Given that it has almost become a rule that the weather is warmer than is customary for the year, we can say that the first decade of January this year is unique because it is colder than the average. According to preliminary data from our meteorological stations, the average air temperature for the first decade of January is lower than the average in all places in Montenegro," Burić said.

He said that the average ten-day temperature in Podgorica is lower by about 2.5 degrees.
"In some places on the coast and north of the state, it is colder by about 3.5 ° C concerning the average climate. So, it is one of the coldest Januarys in Montenegro since 1949," Burić said.
Commenting on the recent snowfall, Burić said that the occurrence of snow and the formation of snow cover are rare for Podgorica and that the fact is that during the past nine years in Podgorica there was no snow cover.
"So, after nine years in January, we have a snow cover in the capital. The maximum height of the snow cover in Podgorica was 52 cm, measured on January 28, 1954. When it comes to snow in the capital, the record was in February 2012, marking 25 days with a snow cover. On February 12, 2012, the height of the snow was 57 cm, which is the absolute maximum for Podgorica," he said.
The height of the snow cover at seven o’clock this morning in Podgorica was 5 cm, Rožaje 25, Nikšić 30, Bjelo Polje 35, Pljevlje 36, Berane 38, Savnik 41, Plav 45, Andrijevici 48, Rožajama 55, Cetinje 57, Kolašin 64, while on Žabljak there was a 74 cm.
Weather Forecasts for Next Three Days
When it comes to weather forecasts for the next three days, Burić said that for the weekend, in the south, it would be predominantly sunny, with occasional little or moderate cloudiness.
"Cloudy in the north during the weekend with no rainfall, on Saturday with longer sunny periods," Burić said.
On Sunday at the end of the day, we expect a new round-up, which will allow for occasional rainfall on Monday.
"On Saturday there will be moderate drizzle some places and enhanced north and northeast winds. On Sunday mild to moderate winds of the western directions, and at midnight between Sunday and Monday, and on Monday morning in the north, the stronger southern wind will blow. During the day on Monday, the wind weakens and turns to the north wind, which will strengthen the daylight. During the weekend it will be cold in the morning, in the north with moderate to severe frost, but daily temperatures will be on a slight rise,” reported meteorologist Dragan Burić. 
Source: I. Pejovic, RTCG

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