Podgorica Airport Closed for Traffic Due to Weather Conditions

By , 09 Jan 2019, 15:55 PM Business
Podgorica Airport Closed for Traffic Due to Weather Conditions Copyrights: Airports of Montenegro

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09 January 2019 - The streets in Podgorica have been covered with snow since the evening of January 8, and the Podgorica Airport is closed for traffic due to heavy snowfall.

"The teams of Airports of Montenegro and Montenegrin Army cleared the airline runway and maneuvering areas during the night and in the early morning, but the heavy precipitation in the morning have managed to create a new snow cover that prevents safe traffic," the representatives of Airport Podgorica explained.

As they highlighted, all teams are still on the ground and are doing everything to get the traffic back to schedule as soon as possible. The representatives of Airports of Montenegro explained that adverse weather conditions - low temperatures - made it slippery at the airport in Golubovci.

This morning, the flight on the Podgorica-Belgrade line which was scheduled for 8:25 am, was canceled. Flights to Ljubljana scheduled for 2:30 pm, 4:35 pm and 5:30 pm, was also canceled. The plane that was scheduled to land in Podgorica from Belgrade at 2:25 pm was diverted to Tivat Airport.

The airline company Montenegro Airlines has recently stated the flight issues due to snowfall. "If the weather conditions improve, Montenegro Airlines will conduct flights tomorrow. We will announce more information in the following period. The flights to and from Belgrade YM102 / 103 still remain in the system, which means that the flights will be realized if the weather conditions are more favorable and Podgorica Airport is opened," Montenegrin Airlines representatives explained for news agency CDM.

Other flights that are scheduled to depart from and arrive at the Airport of Podgorica are on hold.

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