International Project Ethno Lab in Petrovac Finished

By , 22 Dec 2018, 01:27 AM Lifestyle
International Project Ethno Lab in Petrovac Finished Copyrights: Ethno Lab Photo

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21 December 2018 - An international multidisciplinary systematic field research and study of the music and dance tradition and customs of Paštrović, titled Ethno Lab, which took place in Petrovac from December 10th to December 16th, has been completed.

This project is organized for the second year in a row by the Society for Cultural Development "Bauo" from Petrovac. The project was supported by the Municipality of Budva, HG Budva Riviera and the Tourist Organization and the Municipality of Budva, while the assistance was provided by Museums and Galleries of Budva and the families of Marina and Ilija Medin.

Several reference ethnomusicologists, ethnocorists, ethnologists and anthropologists, as well as other experts and researchers in the field of cultural heritage living and working in Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have contributed Ethno Lab project, including Zlata Marjanović (Academy of Arts Banja Luka), Dragica Panić Kašanski (Academy of Arts, Banja Luka), Vesna Karin (Academy of Arts, Novi Sad), Martina Karin (Academy of Arts, Novi Sad), Miloš Rašić (Ethnographic Institute SANU, Belgrade) and many others.

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Professional associates on the project were Dušan Medin, archaeologist and master manager in culture, doctoral studies in archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities in the Maritime University in Koper (Republic of Slovenia), also a longtime researcher of the material and non-material cultural heritage of Paštrovići, Milica Stanić Radonjić, Master of Communication (Museums and Galleries of Budva) and Itana Lalović, ethnologist and anthropologist (Museums and Galleries of Budva) and marketing advisor. The coordinator of the project is Mila Medin, executive director of the Society for Cultural Development "Bauo", which assisted in coordination and organization to 5 volunteers.

During this year's project, successful research was conducted, and a lot of valuable material was collected through interviews with twenty families of Paštrović.

As in the past year, it is expected that the results of the research will affirm the rich and representative intangible cultural heritage of Paštrovići, which, despite the current knowledge and results, is still multidisciplinary scientific study and valorization.

On each day of the project more discussions with the local population were organized, while on Saturday, December 15th, at the Memorial House "Red Commune", a lecture was held on which participants presented the project, the current research, and future development prospects in the future.

One of the ideas that was born during the research is the treatment of more recent issues.

"Why wait for someone to come in for 50 years and deal with some topics from the 1970s and 1980s when we now have younger people who I can talk to about that period. These are the topics and research we want, and they should be implemented as soon as possible," concluded Mila Medin, the executive director of the Bauo Cultural Development Society and the coordinator of the Ethno Lab project.

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