Bohemian Fest Begins: Two Days of Good Spirits in Niksic

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Bohemian Fest Bohemian Fest

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"Niksic remembers its legends" is the slogan of the second Bohemian Fest.

This festival, which celebrates the legends and creators in the fields of literature, film, art, and acting begins on Friday, and its closing is scheduled for Saturday night.

As the Vice President of the Municipality of Niksic said at the press conference to announce the festival Bohemian Fest wants to preserve the memory of our prominent fellow citizens, to a number of those who contributed with their specific activities to recognize our city and after them, and in that sense "the good spirit of Niksic" was passed further.

"People were glad to come here, thanks to everything that was recognizable, where a significant trace has been left by people who, whether in the field of poetry, artistic creativity or as prominent businessmen of this city, in every sense and at any moment, contributed to the city Niksic in becoming stronger, better, and that as citizens of Niksic, everyone who comes to our city is simply seen as people who have a strong identity," she said, believing that year after year support for this festival will grow and that more and more partners will recognize it as an important story for branding our city.

On behalf of the public institution "Zahumlje", which is one of the partners of the festival this year, Goran Radojicic said that last year's fest caused enormous interest, not only for the citizens in Niksic but people who came to Niksic from other parts.

"We received comments throughout the year that the Bohemian fest in the most picturesque and detailed way describes the "good spirit of Niksic" and what Niksic actually was in decades behind us, and also what it is now and what we hope will be in the future. This year, JU "Zahumlje" wishes to, through its Bohemian Fest, together with its partners Tehnopolis and hotel Onogost, the Tourist Cluster Montenegro, the Municipality of Niksic and partners, thank all those legends who spent part or most of their lives in "Zahumlje" making part of the cultural activities of our institution or spending time in the club Zahumlje," Radojičić pointed out.

One of the programs they want to remember in a special way, as Radojicic pointed out, especially a very dear man, Milan Duga Krivokapic, is the opening program for this year's Bohemian Fest.

"This program will happen tomorrow at 6 p.m. in "Zahumlje" and we celebrate it by marking ten years since the death of Dugo Krivokapić. The young members of the “Poetics Point” Literary Club - JU "Zahumlje" wanted to make up to Milan Dugo Krivokapić and somehow remind the citizens of Niksic and the people who followed the Bohemian Fest, who came from other parts, that Milan Dugo Krivokapić 10 years after his death, is still alive through his works. We will show this in one way in which young people will talk about Dugo from their perspective, to recite verses dedicated to Dugo. We will also be able to look at the poetic film "Dodjavola" directed by Obrad Nenezić," he explained, adding that the closing of the Bohemian Fest will be in the hall" Zahumlje," and the guests will be entertained by “Pljevaljski tamburasi.”

Bohemian Fest's goal is to promote the immaterial values of our city that were created just by the lives and work of our fellow citizens, artists, legends, said the President of the Tourist Cluster Montenegro, Anja Vukicevic Zorić.

"Our goal is also to promote Niksic as a tourist destination, to attract as many visitors as possible and to make the Bohemian Festival, of course, a cultural and tourist product. I also want to say that the Bohemian Fest is something that is really different from all the other festivals that take place in Niksic, "she said.

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