Monument to Tito Set Up on Tivat's Promenade Carrying His Name

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Monument to Tito Set Up on Tivat's Promenade Carrying His Name Siniša Luković

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November 29, 2018 - Tivat received a monument to Tito. On 29 November - the Day of the Republic the NGO General Consulate of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia of Tivat, a memorial to the founder and lifelong president of the SFRY, Marshal Josip Broz Tito has been set up on the main town promenade, with his name.
"In addition to the 75th birthday of the most beautiful country in the world, our homeland of Yugoslavia, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the successful and impressive work of the SFRY Consulate General in Tivat. On this occasion, ceremoniously on Pine and the Promenade of Marshal Tito, we have revealed a monument to Tito, the greatest son of our nations and nationalities. The monument is the work of the well-known Yugoslavian academician Augusto Augustinčić," General Consul of SFRY, Marko Perkovic said.
In this way, Tivat symbolically overwhelmed Podgorica, to be the first town in Montenegro after the fall of the SFRY to reveal a monument to the late marshal, giving 'homework' to Podgorica Mayor Ivan Vukovic (DPS), who promised to set up a Tito monument in former Titograd
Symbolically, the monument of the SFRY and the Yugoslav Communist Party leader was set up on Pine so that Tito "turned his back" on the luxury yachts and expensive apartments in Porto Montenegro. As pointed out by the SFRY Consul General, "this bourgeois complex has sat on the temporarily occupied territory of the former Arsenal of Tivat's workers and shipbuilders, and represents everything that is contrary to the ideas of social equality and the postulates of socialist morality." 
By this act, we have interrupted the uncertainty surrounding raising the monument to Tito in Titograd, or the restoration of his sculpture, which they have been shaming for 30 years. Fortunately, they did not get to cut into old iron and sold it to Konik," said Consul Perkovic. He added that the ceremony of AVNOJ was held today in Tivat, chaired by another Ivan Ribar (by profession), as well as 75 years ago in Jajce (Ribar was the last name of AVNOJ chairman, and in Serbo-Croatian means fisherman).
"The session confirmed the re-established historic decisions of the Second Assembly of AVNOJ in 1943, which have an invaluable value today in Montenegro, which are hardly reachable European values," Perkovic underlined, congratulating the holiday of Yugoslavia "to all its former misguided sons and former Tito's pioneers, and now leading Montenegrin, Serb, Croat, Albanian and other nationalists in this region. "
On 29 November, the Day of the Republic of SFRY, an Ex-YU party was held at the elite Tivat hotel "Regent."

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