Councilors Decide: Tito to Receive Monument in Podgorica

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October 31, 2018 - The Assembly of the Capital has adopted the proposal of Mayor Ivan Vukovic to build a monument to Josip Broz Tito in Podgorica. Thirty-four members voted for the proposal, while four were against and there were no were abstentions. 

"This initiative represents an adequate relation to the fundamental values of the Montenegrin society that have been attacked today in Montenegro. Our country remains faithful to the anti-fascist tradition," said mayor Ivan Vukovic.

The deadline to raise the monument is 2019. In the realization of the commemoration of this monument, according to the Law, a special decision will be made, according to a proposal adopted today.

In the explanation of the decision, it is stated that in this way, we permanently keep the memory of the prominent personality, revolutionary, anti-fascist, and one of the world's greatest 20th-century statesmen.

It is stated that Tito was a great admirer of Montenegro and its history.

"Always ready to give the greatest recognition for its achievements and help it in everything that it could not or should not do during his time," said the explanation.

It is emphasized that Josip Broz was the first to say that Montenegro is in the great anti-fascist war on July 13th, 1941, thus igniting the spark of European resistance against it.

They recall that a unique example in the history of the struggle against fascism was that the commander of an army was constantly at its head and that in that fight he was wounded. 

It is alleged that Tito's commitment to forming the Communist Party of Montenegro was unimaginable, that he was the initiator of the great act of solidarity between the Yugoslavian people and republics in the remediation of earthquake damage in 1979.

The Assembly of the Capital has chosen Miloš Nikolic from the Democratic Party of Socialists, for the vice-president.

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