Nepotism to be Blamed for Loud Music at Dawn: Is Noise the Key Problem of Tourism?

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June 22, 2018 - Citizens who came to this week's public discussion on the Strategic noise map draft for the territory of the capital city and the municipalities within the same, Golubovci and Tuzi was most interested in how they will get any sleep from the noise coming from the cafes in the center of the city. Vasilije Dulović said he often calls the Utility Police.

"We called Goran Jankovic, the chief, and asked him to come and measure the noise level. As the inspectors did so, they asked us how we survive in such an environment, and when we went to pick up the report, the registered noise level was 6.8. It cannot be that way. I'm under the same roof with some clubs that have live music until 3 am. After that, the waiters get ready to go and at 6 am they come again, and the AC units are turned back on. We cannot live here. This has to be solved," Dulovic said.

The same problem was pointed out by Aleksandar Vulić. He said that he worked for years at the Dairy Farm and admired the people living in the buildings around them and that the state could do nothing to protect them.

"We are only asking that people owning cafes and clubs work up until midnight like in the neighborhood, and that someone controls it - and not to work until 3 or 4 am. We just want them to let us sleep from midnight until 6 am in order to be able to go to work in the morning. All this can be resolved if we want. The working time is set and that is it," says Vulić.

Boris Raonic pointed out that clubs in the quiet zone cannot get work permits.

"Those permits are issued by the city services, secretariats. In the middle of the quiet zone to issue the club’s owner a permission to work until 3 am. Things do not work like that. Imagine what kind of damage the capital would suffer if all the citizens were denied the right to sleep - we would send lawsuits. This document was paid 40,000 euros, and they will give much more to courts and citizens. It must be determined where the clubs can be. If the music can go off at midnight in the city quart, this can also be applied in the center of the town," said Raonić.

Predrag Bulajić, who processes the documents, said that these are not problems in this document, but that those are some other rulebooks. Zvonko Saveljić, from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, has tried to explain why the competent services tolerate loud music in the cafes. Saveljic said that the ministry is making a similar rulebook, but we should not expect a revolution with the same. 

"Noise is the key problem of tourism. There are a lot of complaints to the Utility Police account on this issue, although I would not speak about it because they are my colleagues. We all know they are certain owners of cafes companions, friends, there is the nepotism we are inclined to and that is the reason for all this. But, the zones and everything that they anticipate will have to be respected. This rulebook that we are working on predicts the noise limiters. Therefore, there will not be allowed to overcome a certain level of noise, but will be limited to as much as it does not affect the citizens," says Saveljić.

Text by Dan, on June 22nd 2018, read more at CdM

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