This Week at the Farmers' Market

By , 19 Jun 2018, 14:56 PM Lifestyle
This Week at the Farmers' Market Yulia Mengo

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June 19, 2018 – As we are slowly reaching mid-summer, the farmers' market is becoming fuller and more diverse, offering multiple sorts of fruits and vegetables. Now it’s time to enjoy a visit to the market.

What’s in season

It’s a berry time! Wild and cultivated, red and blue, they are juicy and full of flavor now the most. Raspberry, blackberry, blueberry – take all of them and mix them in a bowl or decorate a lovely Pavlova cake with them. A beautiful colorful addition to your breakfast, berries are a great source of vitamins and energy. If you live in Montenegro, store them in a freezer for a nice winter treat.





Figs (especially the blue ones) are just irresistible. Try them with local cheese as an appetizer.

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Buy local

Among many locally produced vegetables, this sort of green pepper is very special. Middle-sized and a mild yellow-green color, the Somborka peppers have an amazing spicy taste. This sort is mainly used in local and Serbian cuisine for winter pickles. Plain or stuffed with a kind of sour cream, these peppers are something very special and typical for the southern Balkans.


5 years ago, thick stem celery was only imported from Italy. Now you can have it locally grown almost all year round.


New offer

Sunny summer treats - sweet corn finally arrived at the market. Now you can buy it cooked at the promenade kiosk without a doubt.


People say June is a bit early for melons, however, the ones coming from Ulcinj seem to be ripe and sweet.


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