Ministry of Defence Forming Reserve Military Forces 2019-2026

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Ministry of Defence Forming Reserve Military Forces 2019-2026 Copyrights: Armed Forces of Montenegro

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04 February 2019 - Ministry of Defense of Montenegro is planning to form reserve military forces from 2019 to 2026. These forces should be an integral part of the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

The long-term defense plan, adopted by the Government, states that the military units will be complemented by contractual reserve and strategic reserve. The contractual reserve will count up to 100 persons and it will be used to fulfill special formation positions in the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

“By the contract and required needs, they will be engaged in the permanent composition of the Armed Forces during training, drills, participation in international forces, provision of assistance to the citizens and their protection from the consequences of natural and other disasters. Furthermore, they will be engaged in the performance of other tasks related to the field of defense and demanding engagement of additional forces. Contractual reserves will be composed of “persons who have adequate specialist knowledge and skills that are scarce,” reads the defense plan.

As far as the strategic assigned reserve is concerned, it will count up to 2.691 persons and they will fulfill the reserve units of the Armed Forces.

“They will be engaged in the activities of the preparation and organization of defense and in assisting the citizens and in protecting them from the consequences of natural and other disasters. This strategic reserve will be composed of persons who had served the voluntary military service, i.e., persons who had been trained to perform military duties in the conditions of warfare or emergencies,” as stated in the defense plan.

Strategically unassigned reserves will be used in case the need for reinforcing defense abilities arises. These persons will be in the military records and case of warfare or any other emergency, and they will be mobilized and invited to serve in the Armed Forces. Members of the active and inactive reserve will go through the general and specialized military training. The focus will be on basic military skills, conditioning, and specialized training.

To bring the military training to a higher level, the Ministry is planning to form a Regional center for mountain warfare, by the end of 2019, among many other things.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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