New Investment on Luštica: Dobra Luka to Get a 5-Star Hotel?

By , 24 Sep 2018, 11:18 AM Business

September 24, 2018 - Russian investor Konstantin Strukov continues the construction works on the 5-star hotel in the bay of Dobra luka. Works began in March this year, and the completion is scheduled for June 2019. The hotel is the first phase of the realization of the construction project "Tourist Resort T1 - Central building - Hotel 'DOBRA LUKA' 5*, with accompanying amenities", on an urban plot of 8029 m². 


In the bay of Dobra Luka on the peninsula Luštica, in the so far untouched nature, the billionaire Konstantin Strukov, a Russian investor, is building a 5-star category hotel with auxiliary facilities and dependants of 3758.10 m². He is in 1394th place on Forbes' list of the richest people, and his wealth is estimated at $1.7 billion.

Strukov intends to build a tourist complex in the State Study of the Location of "Kočišta-Brguli". The hotel will have a basement, ground floor and two floors, writes Radio Jadran. The contractor is the company Grand story group DOO from Budva. Works began in March this year, and the completion is scheduled for June 2019.

The hotel is in the first phase of the construction for the project "Tourist Resort T1 - Central building - Hotel 'DOBRA LUKA' 5 *, with accompanying amenities", on an urban plot of 8029 m².

Strukov builds in accordance with the conceptual solution of the Chief State Architect, Dusan Vukasovic, issued by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism on 24 January 2018. As stated in the explanation, consent has been issued on the basis of the National Guidelines for the Development of Architecture.

"The guidelines for architectural design and materialization of facilities within Local Studies of the location 'Kočišta – Brguli' on Luštica, it is established that the planned tourist settlement represents a unique functional unit and that in the process of designing the objects, it is necessary to respect the basic principles of architecture of this area, and forms, adaptation of the form of field topography, adaptation to climatic conditions, use of autochthonous materials and vegetation," explained the document.

The architecture should be in the spirit of the tradition of the Mediterranean, or its contemporary interpretations. The investor must follow the principle of making facades of natural indigenous stone. It is also necessary to affirm the use of natural materials in the general sense, which implies the use of wood as shades on the terraces and windows.

From the Secretariat for Utilities, Ecology and Energy Efficiency of the Herceg Novi Municipality, it has been explained that the Project Implementation Manager is required to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Report, which is the only segment of space planning which, after the inauguration of the Law on Space Planning and Construction of the Facility, remained in the domain of local self-government.

"The problem of Infrastructure in Luštica is one of the limiting factors of development, the existing road infrastructure is in a very bad state, the issue of water supply and wastewater disposal is unresolved. These problems must be resolved in accordance with positive environmental protection standards while at the same time meeting the requirements and standards for the construction of such high-class hotels," says the reasoning of the Secretariat for Utilities, Ecology and Energy Efficiency.

"The elaboration of the Environmental Impact Assessment will ensure the lack of necessary data, anticipate negative impacts of the project on the environment, establish appropriate environmental protection measures and define a monitoring program for environmental impact during the construction, project operation, as well as in the case of accidents - in the resolution of the Secretariat.

Who is Konstantin Strukov?

A new investor in the Luštica peninsula, Konstantin Strukov is the Russian oligarch. He is the owner of several gold mines and the company "U gold", which deals with excavation and distribution. His career began with the excavation of coal. In Russia, he owns seven gold mines and in this business, his company is among the three largest Russian companies. This 60-year-old lives in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

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