Cooperation of Herceg Novi and St. Petersburg

By , 18 Sep 2018, 10:17 AM Business
Cooperation of Herceg Novi and St. Petersburg

September 18, 2018 - The Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi is beginning cooperation with the Tourism Organization of St. Petersburg.

The Managing Director of the Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi, Pavle Obradović, and the director of the Tourism Organization of St.Petersburg, Nadežda Petrova, signed an Agreement on Business Cooperation yesterday. 

The purpose of signing this agreement is to establish cooperation in the field of tourism, culture and hospitality, as well as exchanging experience in the function of tourism companies.

Business cooperation, according to the Agreement, covers the operation in various areas such as tourism, establishment and implementation of tourism development policies and its promotion, coordination and organization of cultural, artistic, sporting and other events, all in order to promote mutual values, customs, ethnological treasures of the tourist areas of two cities.

Both sides recognize the importance of tourism and sustainable development as the main fields of socioeconomic and cultural life, society and cities, as well as the importance of deepening economic, cultural and humanitarian relations between St. Petersburg and Herceg Novi. Mutual interest has been shown for the development of links on the stable and long-term basis and the expressed desire to strengthen the friendly relations of citizens of St. Petersburg and Herceg Novi. By exchanging experiences, information and knowledge in the field of marketing and tourism, both sides will base their cooperation on the principles of equality and voluntary partnership, trust and mutual benefit. The sharing of experiences, information, resources and materials in the field of increasing the quality of all tourist services, its diversification and accessibility to all branches of society, does not imply financial obligations under the Agreement.

The press conference where the Agreement on Cooperation between the two Tourist Organizations will be officially signed will be organized in St. Petersburg.

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