The Cetinje-Budva Road to be Complete by May 10

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The Cetinje-Budva Road to be Complete by May 10 Source:

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Works on the reconstruction of the Cetinje-Budva highway, both on the section at the Brajići tunnel and the Košljun-Lapčići section, will be complete by May 10, said engineer Dušan Kokić from the Traffic Directorate

He explained the Košljun-Lapčići section has two layers of asphalt at the moment. “Another layer remains to be laid down,” added Kokić.

As for the tunnel construction in Brajići, works are under way on illumination. “The tunnel works are mostly complete, so traffic is occasionally diverted through it. If there are large traffic jams, then one direction runs on the old section, and the other through the tunnel,” said Kokić.

Tunnel length is 176 meters, width 10 meters, with three traffic lanes. “The Brajići-Lapčići section saw a reconstruction of five kilometres of the road and this tunnel,” cited Kokić.

The reconstruction between the capital and Budva began at the start of 2017. Plans were due to be complete in November, but the deadline was moved to March of this year. The Auto-moto Alliance announced a n nterruption of traffic for Wednesday and Thursday on both of these sections from 10 to 14h, while there will be no traffic on the Brajići-Lapčići section from Wednesday until Sunday from midnight to 5h.

Translated from Café del Montenegro, for the original click here.

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