Tivat to Lose one of Most Popular Public Beaches – Ponta Seljanova

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Tivat to Lose one of Most Popular Public Beaches – Ponta Seljanova Source: Vijesti Online

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Vijesti unofficially learned a company officially represented by Russian citizen Anastazija Lašmanova has taken over the former bar and restaurant Merlin and taken down one of its open bars

After losing almost the entire town beach, occupied in the past two years by caterers and hoteliers, Tivat residents will soon probably lose one of the most popular public beaches – the Ponta Seljanova beach.

That part of the maritime belt will be used in the future by the Sea Trade company registered in Kotor, with several projects in Boka in the past years, such as the La Perla Hotel in Tivat and the catering complex on the Sveta Neđelja cape in Kamenari.

The company is allegedly intending to set up beach furniture and clean up the beach which was previously not covered by an entrance fee, making use of controversial plans from a State Location Study for that part of the coast.

The Sea Trade company is allegedly constructing two new buildings with solid materials – an infrastructure counter in place of the old mobile open bar, with showers, dressing rooms and a technical rooms, but also a restaurant in place of the old Merlin.

Also unofficially, there will also be catering terraces, a DJ spot on top of the cape, and also planned is the renovation of the eastern part of the coastline with a promenade, removal of all existing wooden piers for small boats and the construction of new concrete piers with sand beaches in between.

The complex will also have a green space, a small square, children’s playground and parking for 30 vehicles.

All this means one will not be able to bathe at Ponta without paying for beach chairs and other beach furniture.

The Maritime Property company broke off last year the contract on the lease of maritime property i Kamenari with the Sea Trade company due to “serious breaches of contracted and legal commitments, which the lessee did not honor even after a warning was issued.”

The way the company owned by Russian businessman Valerij Zadorim turned the former public beach on cape Sveta Nedjelja into a sort of private area, laying concrete over stone and building walls barring access to the sea and beach, had Kamenari residents enraged.

The plans and documents estimating the effect of the project on the living area states it was done “o demand by investor,” with concrete, glass, aluminium, ceramic tiles, concrete elements dominating – anything but stone, wood and other natural elements characteristic of Boka.

Some of the plans are directly in confrontation with urban and technical conditions issued to the investor last year by the Tivat District.

Also planned is the construction of armored concrete walls in the sea which will connect the existing and new concrete piers and prevent the sea washing away the newly poured sand.

Public discussion on the study on the effect of the project on the living are will last until April 27.

Translated from Vijesti Online, click here for the original.

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