Introducing Montenegro: Cultural and Historical Heritage

By , 21 Mar 2018, 17:13 PM Travel
Introducing Montenegro: Cultural and Historical Heritage Pixabay

The cultural heritage of Montenegro in the form of fortresses, monuments, castles and fortified cities, is a unique representation of its rich history developed under the influence of both western and eastern civilizations. The diversity of architectural styles of various traditions is evidenced by archival materials, library funds, literary monuments and archaeological exhibits.

Wherever you go in Montenegro, you will find old fortresses, cities and many other cultural monuments, but the most exciting fact is that even today we are uncertain of how many there are. Cultural heritage protects some of them, but unfortunately, some others are not presentable or are being used in the developing process for building new tourist objects. 

Boka Bay holds the most significant number of preserved cultural and historical monuments in Montenegro. Some monuments and cities are part of the world's cultural heritage and are under the protection of UNESCO.  

Old towns across Montenegro are characterized by many narrow streets and squares dating back centuries ago. Some of them represent the most specific buildings featuring in a large number of churches and monasteries in a relatively small area.

Monasteries in the interior of Montenegro also represent essential cultural and historical monuments that testify to the turbulent history of Montenegro, influenced by diverse traditions that are recognizable in architecture and paintings, as well as frescoes.

Another critical part of the architectural heritage and unrecognized cultural monuments are fortifications of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Military experts are still delighted with the expertise of their planners, and the architects remain fascinated by the craftsmanship of their builders, who laid out vast quantities of stone in very inaccessible places. The whole system had an extraordinary military, but also a building, architectural and cultural dimension, which today should have been recognized and valorized in the tourist sense. For nature lovers, they are a real revelation and represent beautiful hiking trails.

Researchers say that the highest value of the fortification system is its integrity and the fact that a good part of the facilities are in reasonably good condition or at least have solid foundations. In Boka Bay, there are some particular and significant objects that you cannot find anywhere else in the world in such a good state of preservation. All of them have historical, architectural and cultural value and importance in international frameworks. 

There is a lot to say about cultural and historical heritage; therefore, the team of Introducing Montenegro will try to present some of them and get you closer to the rich history of this incredibly charming small country. Stay tuned.  

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