Luxury Hotels in Montenegro: Chedi Lustica Bay Video Progress Report

By , 19 Mar 2018, 18:27 PM Travel
An idea of how the finished product will look. An idea of how the finished product will look.

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March 19, 2018 - Progress continues to be made on the Lustica Bay project, with the luxury Chedi Lustica Bay hotel on schedule for its much anticipated July 15 opening. A video progress report. 

I will confess to a mild form of envy on this one. 

After years of living in Croatia and writing about tourism, a country with so much potential but whose bureaucracy seemingly gets in the way of every foreign investor, it was totally stunned by my visit to Lustica Bay a few weeks ago, all the more so when I saw the ongoing progress of this outstanding 7 million m2 project. Five diggers working on the golf course was only the start, and when I saw no less than 530 construction workers on the main site of the Chedi Lustica Bay, I began to question whether I was in the Balkans at all. 

The pace of progress is impressive indeed, as is the regular video updates from the social media team from the Chedi. Here is the latest video progress report. Things seem to be coming along rather nicely, with four months to go. 

Learn more about the hotel here.


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