Lipa Cave: Experience an Adventure with Family or as an Extreme Adventurer

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Lipa Cave: Experience an Adventure with Family or as an Extreme Adventurer Copyrights: Lipa Cave Media

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09 August 2019 - The only cave in Montenegro open for organized visits, the Lipa Cave near Cetinje, with 2 km of passages, halls and galleries, is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Montenegro. Even if you are taking a walk through only one of its parts, it is still an unforgettable experience.

The entrance to Lipa Cave is located near the famous Belvedere viewpoint, some 30 km away from Budva and Podgorica, at the entrance of Cetinje and Director of marketing and sales Milena Raičević says that this is favorite location of tourists and explorers, as CdM reports.

“The beauty of Lipa Cave has been well known since ancient times. Great figures of Montenegrin history, Petar II Petrović Njegoš and King Nikola particularly praised its authentic beauty. Lipa Cave was discovered much earlier, before Njegoš. And even back then, people had access to the cave. Famous explorers and scientists from the 19th century left documents about their researches, cave ornaments and motives,” pointed out Raičević.

A whole kilometer of the main cave hall is available for visitors these days. The illuminated pathway is around 600 meters long and is surrounded by untouched cave parts. There are two types of organized cave tours. Both tours start with a little train ride to the parking at the entrance to Lipa Cave.

Lipa Cave Experience the Adventure with Family or as Extreme Adventurer

“Visitors are accompanied by experienced and well-trained guides. They are specialized in cave tours and know everything about its history. Ticket prices depend on the type of tour. The price includes: train ride, tour guide, insurance and parking, sometimes equipment,” said Raičević.

The Cave is available for visits starting from April, two times a day - at noon and at 2 PM. From May to October tours begin at 10 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 2 PM and 4 PM.

“Visitors can choose between Cave tour and Extreme tour. Visitors are mostly interested in the first one. It lasts for 60 minutes. It's not very demanding and we recommend it to families with children. Lipa Cave Temperature is 8 °C - 12 °C. Visitors should take jackets and appropriate shoes. This basic tour does not require special equipment,” stressed out Raičević.

Ticket for the adults costs 10,90 EUR, for children under the age of 5 it costs 1 EUR and for children under the age of 15 years old it costs 6,90 EUR. Family visit package costs 29,90 EUR.

“Extreme adventure is scheduled in advance. The difference between these two tours is the fact that extreme adventure starts with visitors descending down to the cave using a rope and they tour around 1 kilometer of cave channels and passages. Before they start the adventure, visitors get special equipment,” stated Raičević.

This two-and-a-half-hour tour costs 50 EUR per person. For children aged between 5 and 15, it costs 25 EUR.

“Safety of our visitors comes first. There have not been any accidents ever since the Cave opened. The part of the cave used for tours is arranged in accordance with the highest world standards in the arrangement of speleological structures,” stressed Raičević.

However, Lipa Cave offers even more - there is wine and juice tasting in the cave bar. In addition, visitors can enjoy short classical music concerts organized in one of the largest cave halls – the Hall of Njegoš.

Lipa Cave Experience the Adventure with Family or as Extreme Adventurer2

The number of visitors to Lipa Cave is increasing every year. Visitors are mostly foreigners.

“On Trip Advisor page, we are in the first place according to the impression of visitors, the main tourist attraction in Cetinje. That is a great success,” concluded Raičević.

For more information about Lipa Cave please visit their official website.

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