Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Tivat from July 11

By , 10 Jul 2019, 17:31 PM Travel
Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Tivat from July 11 Copyrights: Pixabay

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10 July 2019 - The Tivat station for charging new generation vehicles - electric cars will be officially put into operation on Thursday, July 11 at 11 am at the parking lot in Arsenal Street. Charging will be free at first, reports RTCG.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station owned by Limited Liability Company Parking Servis Tivat is available for the use of the public and installed by Croatian Telecom in cooperation with Montenegrin Telecom.

"Through the mobile application Plugsurfing (and soon with other mobile applications), all users of electric vehicles in Europe are aware that they can fill their vehicle at a public parking lot in Tivat," the statement from the Parking Servis Tivat said.

Plugsurfing Application enables access to Europe’s largest and most up-to-date network of electric vehicle charging stations. The application’s owners and creators have been giving electric vehicle drivers access to Europe’s largest charging network since 2012. Their simple charging process supports existing EV drivers and helps many more smoothly transition to electric driving. Now, Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Tivat can be found on the maps for all the users of Plugsurfing Application, which sends the signal to electric vehicle owners that their commute, weekend getaway or road trip across Montenegro is simple and worry-free.

All types of electric vehicles, regardless of model, can charge batteries at this station. Parking Servic Tivat LLC invested more than seven thousand euros in the preparation of the terrain, procurement of the equipment and its installation.

Electric vehicles, due to the fact that they are environmentally friendly, have been recognized in the world as cars of the future, and in Montenegro, there were 74 vehicles of this type registered in 2018, said the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for CdM. The necessary infrastructure and public charging stations are gradually being created, and the introduction of a new station is a huge step towards increasing environmental awareness in Montenegro.

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