Murano Restaurant Summer Menu: World Class Presentation of Local Culinary Tradition

By , 07 Jun 2019, 15:36 PM Travel
Murano Restaurant Summer Menu: World Class Presentation of Local Culinary Tradition Murano Restaurant Regent Porto Montenegro Meets Summer Presenting New Menu Based on Local Culinary Tradition
June 7, 2019 - Hotel Regent's Murano Restaurant has launched the new menu for the summer season, inspired by Adriatic and its connections with inland Montenegro. While the coast brings freshness, mountains give a warm touch, allowing us to fulfill a simple, but vibrant gastro tradition of this country which for centuries has been a meeting point of East and West and can be best seen on our tables today.
Željko Knezović, Food and Beverage Manager of Regent Porto Montenegro, explains that the new menu features dishes that are rich in flavor, bright in color and presented to perfection. 
"We would highly recommend the Beetroot Risotto, Smoked Octopus Buzara, and the Three-color Linguine topped with fresh shrimps, peach and fresh summer truffles. Ideal for meat lovers, Murano offers an excellent choice of rabbit, duck and succulent Wagyu beef, originated from Chile. Firmly requested by guests, Regent has kept a selection of classic dishes on the menu, which have been reinvented for the summer menu with a creative twist. For example, the original Caprese Salad has been deconstructed, transforming from a salad to an impressive appetizer, with cream of buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and basil ice cream. My recommendation is our local red mullet – a fish of specific taste, which is also an integral part of the culinary heritage of Montenegro," suggests Regent Porto Montenegro F&B Manager, Željko Knezović.   
The food that will be served in the Murano Restaurant is based on the Mediterranean cuisine with a touch from the inland. It represents a combination of traditional tastes on this area and modern culinary technologies, local foods, and holistic food access, emphasizes the Murano Chef, Marko Živković. "The Murano Restaurant's menu brings you the avant-garde and the Montenegrin cultural heritage, expressed through traditional dishes, with the skill, care, and love of our chefs."
As a model of the world's best restaurants, Regent's Murano Restaurant introduced the Chef's Table inside the kitchen area to give guests a chance to meet their creative center. It is about removing the barrier and providing guests with the opportunity to experience gastronomy on the spot, uncover the secrets of Murano's cuisine, participate in the preparation of food, and enjoy the moments dedicated to them only.
"At the heart of the culinary philosophy, we take our guest's enjoyment and the intent to give them a chance to enjoy food with all their senses. The "local yet global" philosophy implies the presentation of local products and local culinary traditions in a different way, tailored to the requirements of an international guest. At the same time, we are equally devoted to the fact that residents who visit the Murano restaurant and try some of the dishes can proudly note that this is our local cuisine but is told in the manner of the best gourmet chefs." 
Marko says the new menu started with the research of Montenegrin gastronomy, which connects two completely different cultures from North to South. He intended to present a combination of the freshness of the Adriatic and the warmth of the North in combination with delicacies from the world, which Prince Nicholas had brought to Cetinje already in 1907 to present at his castle.
"With a new approach, a lot of love and dedication, we did our best to create a new dimension of the local gastro offer.  So, for example,"Composition" - Eggs, onions, and goat's cheese is a dish in which curiosity won with science, "Forest" is a dish that represents the centuries-old tradition of hunting for the forests of Montenegro.
As Jean Anthelme says:
"The number of flavors is infinite, for every soluble body has a particular flavor that is unlike any other." Right here we come to our focus - introducing our guests to the spell of flavor and taking them to an unforgettable journey that will create a memory," explains one of the authors of the new Murano Restaurant's menu, Marko Živković.

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