Old Timer Vehicles Exhibition in Cetinje: Fićom po Balkanu Rally

By , 24 May 2019, 23:48 PM Travel
Old Timer Vehicles Exhibition in Cetinje: Fićom po Balkanu Rally Copyrights: Youtube Screenshot

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24 May 2019 - The Tourist Organization of Cetinje, in cooperation with the NGO "Montenegro Old Timer", is organizing a show (exhibition) named "Old Timer Vehicles" on Tuesday, 28 May, starting at 10 am on the Dvorski Square.

Namely, on Tuesday, 28th of May, in the period from 10 am to 12 pm, Old Royal Capital of Montenegro will host 40 "Fića" cars, that is, their owners, whose caravan will pass through Montenegro as a part of the tour “Fićom po Balkanu” (English: "By Fića through the Balkans").  

The participants of the Caravan are the owners of the once-popular Fiat 600 and Zastava 750/850, known on the Balkans as Fića. The caravan, which started on 18 May from Munich (Germany), passes through Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, ends on 31 May in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

During the journey through the countries of the Balkans, the participants will travel about 5000 kilometres and the arrival in Ljubljana will mark the end of their journey. Visitors of the Caravan in Montenegro will be able to see 40 Fića cars, and in the continuation of the journey, this number will increase significantly. The owners of Fića cars who will arrive in Montenegro come from all over Europe, most of them from the region, and one of the oldest model among them is the one from 1961.

The Zastava 750 (Застава 750) was a supermini made by the Serbian car maker Zavod Crvena Zastava in Kragujevac. It was a version of the Fiat 600 made under licence from 1962 and was longer in length than the Fiat version. Zastava 850 is nearly identical to the Zastava 750 but the engine has a larger capacity. The Zastava 850 is harder to find then the 750 model but both are still widely available in former Yugoslavia.

Zastava 750 is widely known by its nickname "Fića" (Фићa) or "Fićo" (Фићo) in Serbo-Croatian, by "Fičo" or "Fičko" in Slovene and by "Fikjo" (Фиќо) in Macedonian. The nickname "Fića" comes from the main character of a comic published by the newspaper Borba during the first years of the car's production.

Owners of cars participating in the caravan have invested enormous amounts of money in their vehicles so that, after 64 years from the start of the production, these cars are still able to cross the 5000 km route smoothly.

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