Chinese Journalists Visit Montenegro and Luštica Bay

By , 12 May 2019, 18:39 PM Travel
Chinese Journalists Visit Montenegro and Luštica Bay Chinese Journalists Visited Lustica Bay, Copyright: Lustica Development

May 12, 2019 - Chinese investment for Montenegro and the Luštica Bay project is even more pronounced. The first group of Chinese journalists stayed in Montenegro without hiding a very positive impression of the beauty and development of the country and Luštica Bay as the most significant investment project in tourism in this part of Southeast Europe, said Lustica Development.

"Life is what it should be. The meaning of this sentence will be fully realized only when you visit Montenegro and Luštica Bay and experience its nature and lifestyle. No country has ever left such a deep impression on me as Montenegro. The landscape that takes away my breath and a healthy lifestyle makes me feel this is the right place to want to live," said Shen Yan, a columnist for the Chinese magazine Forbes. Shen Yan is a reporter specializing in reporting on luxurious residential projects.

As part of the initiatives implemented within the marketing activities in the territory of the People's Republic of China, the company Lustica Development organized a visit and stay of journalists from Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Chinese publications that are being prepared and published in the United Kingdom.

Journalist Zeng Lingjing of Nouvelles d'Europe (European Times), the most significant Chinese publication based in Europe with broad audience and distribution in a large number of European countries, Wang Donglei, editor of the UK Chinese Times list, the most influential Chinese newspaper in the UK; Qian Tongxin, a reporter for the renowned China Business Network and Xu Lingjue, a reporter for Global Time specializing in global travel and travel, were all part of the group.

"The visits were preceded by the cooperation of the company with the National Tourism Organization during the Beijing Tourism Fair and the annual reception of the Association of Chinese Directors and Entrepreneurs of IOD last week in London. As part of the yearly plan, the company will hold another reception in Beijing in May and June and attend the prestigious Luxury Property Showcase," said Slavica Milic, Marketing Manager at Lustica Development.

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