Lustica Bay and Tivat Municipality Organize "Meet the Spring" Bazaar

By , 21 Mar 2019, 09:52 AM Travel
Lustica Bay and Tivat Municipality Organize "Meet the Spring" Bazaar Lustica Bay

March 21, 2019 - In cooperation with the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship of the Tivat Municipality, Lustica Development organizes a two-day bazaar of local food, agricultural products, and handicrafts, "Meet the Spring," which will be held in the marina village of Lustica Bay over the weekend.

"Lustica Development company has continued the tradition of promoting domestic and autochthonous products abounding in our Tivat and Boka Kotorska. After successfully organizing the event called "Fall Colors Fair" at the end of last year, Lustica Development Company accepted our initiative to organize a similar event this spring with a joint effort, this time symbolizing the coming of spring. As we have been doing since the establishment of this Secretariat, the emphasis will be on promoting local agricultural producers. About 20 of the registered participants, along with the Institute of Healthy Organic Food, and the Agrovit company from Podgorica, will have the opportunity to promote their products during the two-day event services," said Tivat Petar Vujović, secretary for tourism and entrepreneurship yesterday.

On the second day of the event educational workshops in the field of organic agriculture are planned.

"A special attraction for this event will be the gifted and entrepreneurial students of the Drago Milović Elementary School and the "Mladost "Secondary School", which will show on their booths all what their marvelous hands have created over the past few months. I want to point out that the Municipality of Tivat and the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship pay particular attention to the children, trying to develop their entrepreneurial spirit from their little feet. We should know that systems and cultures are formed during early childhood, and for this reason, primary education plays an important role in the development of entrepreneurial competence. The role of the municipality is that, by encouraging children to be born from the earliest age, we develop responsibility, creativity and what is most important - self-confidence," Vujovic said.

Among the individual exhibitors who will perform at the fair in Lustica Bay are producers of cheese, brandy, wintergreen, sweet, honey, soap, and medicinal herbs. Their products will also offer producers of fruits, vegetables, domestic wine, juices, and oils.

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