Ski Resort Kolašin 1600 Opening Welcomed Many Guests

By , 18 Feb 2019, 22:40 PM Travel
Ski Resort Kolašin 1600 Opening Welcomed Many Guests Copyrights: Ski Resort Kolašin 1600 Photo

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17 February 2019 - The new Montenegrin Ski Resort Kolašin 1600, where only a few years ago it was forest and meadow, is an example of successful valorization of potentials, the materialisation of the Government of Montenegro's policy and the beginning of accelerated tourist and overall development of the North Region," it was said at the opening ceremony of the ski center.

"I am filled with pride and pleasure that today, together, we present one of the best examples of the materialisation of the Government of Montenegro policy when it comes to creating the conditions for the development of the north of our country, the improvement of the Montenegrin tourist offer and, of course, the creation of preconditions for creating new jobs and better quality of life of citizens," Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović said at the ceremony.

Director of the Public Works Directorate Rešad Nuhodžić said that this ski center, in which the Government of Montenegro invested EUR 17 million, represents, even after the first phase of works, the best example of successful valorisation of tourism potentials, but also our ability to build something like it.

"From the position of Director of the Public Works Directorate, I emphasise that this is a skiing event, which we can be proud of, the result of successful cooperation between our engineers and companies with a renowned foreign partner. This proves that we are able to catch up with the most demanding projects. The base station facility is adapted to the needs of visitors as well as employees, with restaurant, administrative premises, outpatient clinics and complete accompanying equipment. For the needs of the ski resort, new road, electrical and hydrotechnical infrastructure was built. During the second phase of the project, which is planned to be completed by the end of next year, the ski resort will get another six kilometers of tracks. The construction of the cable car, which will connect the ski resorts Kolašin 1450 and Kolašin 1600, is planned, which will further enrich the tourist offer. The Public Works Directorate will continue to implement the capital projects of the Government of Montenegro in the coming period, of which the projects in the field of tourism are at the top of our priorities. Only in the ski centers of Cmiljaca, Žarski, Savin Kuk and Hajla will be invested more than EUR 100 million, while we will invest nearly EUR 18 million in one of the most important projects for tourist valorisation of the north - Đalović cave," the Director of Public Works said.

Ski Resort Kolašin 1600 Opening Welcomed Many Guests

Director of the Ski centers of Montenegro Miloš Popović reminded that this Government recognised the tourist valorisation of the Northern region of Montenegro as a priority to improve the development of this area and reduce the development gap between the south and north regions of the country.

"In accordance with this, in November 2017, the company Ski Centers of Montenegro based in Mojkovac was founded, for the management of the Kolašin 1600 ski center in the area of the Municipality of Kolašin, Jelovica in the municipalities of Berane and Andrijevica, Cmiljača and Torina in the municipality of Bijelo Polje, Žarski in the area of Mojkovac municipality, Komovi mountain center and Eco Adventure park Komovi. The general concept of the company's development is the valorisation of existing active ski resorts and the construction of new ski centers in the area of Bjelasica and Komovi, Durmitor and Hajle, by spatial plans for these areas. With this, Montenegro will get one of the largest and most prestigious ski resorts in the area, within which the most current infrastructure will be built: hotels, restaurants, other boarding and non-boarding facilities, modern cable cars, to take the number one position in the competitive market. We will also put the accent on the improvement of the summer offer," the director of the Ski Centers of Montenegro said.

Miloš Popović said that Montenegro's ski resorts will be the generator of tourism development by enriching existing and creating new tourist products, and will contribute to the continuous development of winter and summer sports, and to support potential future sports talents, and to improve Montenegrin human resources.

"In this way, the company of the Ski Centers of Montenegro will be the best partner to local self-governments. Young people here will get the best opportunity for work and training by the highest world standards. I invite you to continue to support the realisation of this grandiose project, and to gather here again in the next few years, and that the occasion for this gathering is not only development projects that will undoubtedly be, but also the organisation of the world's biggest cups, for which we will, with this accelerated development, undoubtedly be competitive," Popović said.

The Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism reminded that Montenegro recorded the best tourist results in history and that the interest in the North is now spreading.

"Montenegrin tourism breaks records year after year while dictating new standards that motivate us to valorize the strategic potential recognised in this region as well. In 2018, Montenegro visited 2.2 million tourists or 200,000 tourists more than in 2017; who achieved 13 million nights (a million more than in 2017); we earned a billion euros of income in 10 months in 2018. But what is particularly rejoicing is that the revenues generated by the remote towns grew at a rate that is more than two times higher than the national average," Minister Radulović said.

He urged the presidents of the municipalities of the Northern Region to recognise the opportunity for job creation and business development because the government is now concentrating on this part of Montenegro.

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