Meet the Montenegrin Museums: National Museum of Montenegro

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Meet the Montenegrin Museums: National Museum of Montenegro Copyrights: National Museum of Montenegro Official Website

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27 January 2019 - Montenegro has a large number of museums and galleries, all dotted around the country. This charming country has a rich history, so every region within the Montenegrin border has a museum with fascinating historical artefacts specific to the area.

The National Museum of Montenegro is a complex cultural institution which consists of different museums and many buildings, churches, and houses that comprise each museum, all of which are housed in buildings of utmost historical and cultural importance. This institution was officially founded in 1896, the year of enacting the Law on Royal Montenegrin Library and Museum.

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The central “theme” within the National Museum is the material and spiritual history of the territory now known as Montenegro and the people that have lived there. This museum records the history of Montenegro chronologically starting with ancient ruins and findings and continuing through to the 18th century. Everything from war relics to furniture, artworks and historical documents are on display in the museums.

Located in Cetinje, Montenegrin Old Royal Capital, the National Museum is composed of four museums: Museum of History (composed of the King Nikola Museum, Museum of Petar II Petrovic Njegoš, Njegoš`s birthhouse, Njegoš`s Mausoleum on Lovćen, the court church Cipur, the Mausoleum of Bishop Danilo on Orlov krš and the the Raised-relief Map Pavillon), the Art Museum with the Modern art gallery Dado Đurić, the Ethnographic Museum and the newly founded Archaeological Museum with Lapidarium.

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The buildings which represent segments of the National Museum are all located in central Cetinje, with the exception of Njegoš's house of birth, which is in the village of Njeguši towards Lovćen National Park.

National Museum of Montenegro performs various professional services (such as conservation, documentation, information collection and others) and it contains archival and library departments with approximately 50.000 bibliographical and 100.000 archival units.

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Collection of museum exhibits on the territory of present-day Montenegro can be traced back to the ancient past. In a modern sense, however, it is possible to record the traces as of late fifteenth century, the time when Cetinje was established as a political and spiritual centre of Montenegro. The exhibition items include book collections, written and printed documents, issues related to church history - holy paintings - icons, paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, installations; war relics, flags, weaponry, furniture and various types of ethnographic items covering the entire ethnographic subject matter of present-day Montenegro.

The museum departments dedicated to particular individuals that have left their marks within the history of Montenegro – Prince-Bishop and writer Petar II Petrovic Njegoš and the last Montenegrin King Nikola I Petrovic Njegoš - have special appeal to all visitors, local and foreign.  

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The tour to the National Museum of Montenegro often includes a brief history on Cetinje, Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, which is a wonderful testimony to the past times, the foundation of Montenegrin identity and spirituality. Cetinje is perhaps the smallest European capital, but it is the city of the great history and charm, which will certainly attract you.

If you are interested in learning about Montenegrin history, or want to find out more about Montenegrin artists, be sure to explore the country's cultural capital, and set aside part of your time for the National Museum complex.

Source: National Museum of Montenegro Official Website

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