Herceg Novi Winter Salon Begins January 31

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Herceg Novi Winter Salon Begins January 31 Copyrights: Tourist Organisation of Herceg Novi

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16 January 2019 - The final preparations for the opening of the 52nd Herceg Novi Winter Salon, which is scheduled for January 31 (Thursday) at 7 pm, are underway, all according to the established tradition of opening the Salon every year as an overture to the Mimosa Festival.

The selector of this year's Herceg Novi Winter Salon is Senka Subotić, a sociologist of culture and art from Budva. The Herceg Novi Salon, under the motto "Parallels," is conceived as a synthesis of various artistic expressions of authors who have been creating and working on the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the last few decades. The Winter Salon aims to present the current situation and to set a certain number of parallels between contemporary painting directions of that area. By presenting themselves at the Salon, with two works, artists point to the development of modern trends in the field of art. The influence of their predecessors is also noticeable, and therefore, they also cherish the tradition of the old artists from the area they come from.

The works of twenty artists from various academies from the territory of the former Yugoslavia will be presented at the Salon. Some of these academies are relatively young, and their representatives are hosted by the Herceg Novi Winter Salon for the first time.

The majority of the artists whose works will be exhibited at the Winter Salon come from Montenegro. Miodrag Šćepanović, Peko Nikčević, Zoran Petrušić and Sreten Nikčević have already presented at the Herceg Novi Winter Salon, while Elvir Lero Adrović, Ivana Babić, Isidora Dautović, Goran Ćetković, Jelena Đurašković, Miodrag Mišo Vemić, and Marija Vemić will present their work to the guests of the Herceg Novi Winter Salon for the first time.

Foreign exhibitors of the Salon include: Silva Radić, Ivan Pavlović and Josip Ivešić (Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Mostar), Milan Krajnović, Renato Rakić and Boris Eremić (Academy of Arts of the University of Banja Luka), Jelena Trajković, Kristina Pirković (Belgrade Academy of Arts) and Milija Belić (President of the board of Salon Realities Nouvelles in Paris).

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