Night of Full Moon: A Sunrise at Top of Mountain Peak Subra

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Night of Full Moon: A Sunrise at Top of Mountain Peak Subra Copyrights: Pixabay

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08 January 2019 - From February 22-24, Mountaineering Club Subra is organising a night climb of 1679 meters to Subra, a peak on Mount Orjen. They named this tour “The Night of the Full Moon”.

Although there is still more work to be done in relations to the organisation and more detailed instructions for the tour participants, everyone who wants to get experience the sunrise and a great day in the snow with a good company and some warm tea can apply for this unique experience within the next few days.

The interest for this event is already rising, and the interested parties are mostly the mountaineers who have already experienced this adventure and did not want to miss it this year either. The only problem that remains to be resolved is the issue of accommodation in the Mountaineering Home Za Vratlom, which is limited to 50 to 70 beds, which we have to reserve to our friends who come outside of Herceg Novi. On the other hand, the House is open for daily fellowship and welcomes everyone who wants to join us on the tour days.

“This is a tour that takes about 2-3 hours with a larger group; it depends on the snow. All those who want to climb must bring winter equipment. Members of the Hiking Section and the Protection and Rescue Service are in charge of guiding the tour and the safety issues during the course. The Subra Peak is more demanding than the other peaks, so this tour is recommended for those who have passed the basic course in winter hiking. Departure is about 2 or 3 hours in the morning, to wait for the sunrise at the top. At that particular time, when we reach the peak, the sun and moon are in the same "line." Witnessing this is, in fact, the goal of ascent,” says the President of the Mountaineering Club Subra, Duško Avramović.

Participants pay a fee of 3 EUR which includes breakfast upon return from the ascent.

The participants who come from outside of Herceg Novi must report their arrival by February 18, via Facebook page, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 00382 69 262 331.

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