Illustrated Lexicon of Herceg Novi: A Journey through City Symbols

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Illustrated Lexicon of Herceg Novi: A Journey through City Symbols Copyrights: Radio Jadran

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05 January 2019 - The book "Illustrated Lexicon of Herceg Novi", whose promotion was held in Igalo a week ago, represents a unique presentation of the symbols of the city under the Mount Orjen.

According to the words of the author, Vladimir Roganović, the Illustrated Lexicon of Herceg Novi was created to remind its readers of all the reasons that exist to love the city of Herceg Novi. Roganović explained that through the stories within the book, the readers could unravel many secrets that exist within the city. The selection and creation of 75 stories are the results of a long journey of discovering the bare soul of the city of Herceg Novi. The publisher of the book is the Tourist Organisation of Herceg Novi.

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The creation of the Illustrated Lexicon is the result of the uniqueness of the city. “It’s thanks to Herceg Novi and its peculiarity that I was able to make such a book, so the city can thank no one but itself,” the author explained. He highlighted that he only explored the pages that the city itself was writing for years, and interpreted and composed it all within one Lexicon.

“The book represents a collection of stories. I was motivated by the strong desire that local readers, and the ones who come from all over the world, see and feel the beauty of our city. We all know that Herceg Novi, Bay of Kotor and Montenegro are not regions, nor people that one can meet elsewhere. These are not common places, so the journey within the Lexicon had to be unusual as well,” explains Roganović.

The Lexicon contains a glossary of lesser-known words and expressions, name registry as well as a register of geographical names and city toponyms. Photographs within the Lexicon are works by several authors, including Jefto Bjelica and the famous Dragan Bosnić. According to the author, the book also contains scientific facts, artistic truths, and fiction, lyricism and prose.

The words and photographs in the lexicon are sorted by alphabet so that they form a structure, created to represent a form of a picture book.

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