Famous Marvel and DC Artists at Herceg Novi Comics Festival

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Famous Marvel and DC Artists at Herceg Novi Comics Festival Copyrights: Pixabay

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04 January 2019 - The organizers of Herceg Novi Comics Festival announced the first guests of this year's edition of the festival. The arrival has already been confirmed by two famous Italian comics authors Andrea Di Vito and Mario Alberti.

World superstar, Italian comics artist Andrea Di Vito, was the first confirmed guest for the 13th edition of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival, which will be held from September 6th to September 11th. Full nine months before the start of the festival, a confirmation has also arrived by another Italian artist - Mario Alberti, who was supposed to be part of last year's Herceg Novi Comics Festival, but due to illness, he had to cancel his arrival in Herceg Novi.

Andrea Di Vito began his work in short stories in the Italian magazine "Interpido", to sail into the Marvel world as a CrossGen's artist, and immediately afterward as an official drawing and fill-in artist "The First and Scion" comic. Later, he followed the conquest of almost all of the most important titles in Marvel's edition, beginning with the series "Young Avengers".

Some of the most famous titles of the greatest publishing house Marvel Comics, such as Annihilation (Annihilation #1-6, as well as Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus # 2), Black Panther #33, Captain America and the Falcon # 8, Civil War: House of M # 1-5, Dungeons and Dragons, Thor # 80-85 and World War Hulk: X-Men #1-3 are only part of the opus that was done entirely by Andrea Di Vito.

The Italian legend of comics art creativity, Mario Alberti, is currently engaged in the latest editions of Tex and Nathan.

Alberti works for the largest American, French and Italian publishers, drawing comics such as The Cutting Edge, Les Chroniques de Legion, special projects for Tex Willer, and a number of cover pages for Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Dr Fate, as well as the X-Men, Spiderman,  and Fantastic Four. With one of the greatest Italian cartoonist stars, Luke Enoch, in 2000, he created the Morgan series for the French market, which became a worldwide hit, in which Mario Alberti is a standalone artist. His significance and greatness in creativity in the world of ninth art is confirmed by the fact that he had the special honor that his five pages art participated in the drawing of the Jubilee 600th number of The Amazing Spiderman comics, and to be the standalone author of the 601st episode.

Announcing such guests nine months before this year's edition, Herceg Novi Comics Festival continues its mission of creating one of the region's most significant manifestations dedicated to comics that have already positioned Herceg Novi and Montenegro very high in the European sky of ninth art.

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