New Year 2019 in Herceg Novi Brings Rich Musical Programme

By , 09 Nov 2018, 01:30 AM Travel
New Year 2019 in Herceg Novi Brings Rich Musical Programme Copyrights: Tourist Organization Herceg Novi

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08 November 2018 - The people of Herceg Novi, as well as their guests, will be able to enjoy the 2019 New Year in the open air. Organized by Tourist Organization and Municipality of Herceg Novi, a multi-day programme with rich accompanying contents is being prepared, along with the magnificent New Year's celebration in 2019, both at the location of the Youth Park - Igalo, and the Škver. The programme will be adapted to various musical tastes, so New Year's Eve will mark the hits of Riblja Čorba, Jelena Rozga, Sergej Ćetković, performances by Ljuba Stanković and many DJs.

The people of Herceg Novi and their guests will enjoy the hits of the Belgrade rock band "Riblja Čorba" and their frontman Bora Đorđević. They will perform on stage in Igalo on December 31st from 11 PM and as an intro band "Light under the black mountain" will start from 9 PM. On the same stage, the night before, December 30th, the Croatian pop singer Jelena Rozga and the winner of Pink's Stars Ljuba Stanković will create a great atmosphere starting from 12 PM, when the "Children's New Year" will be also organized.

A particularly interesting programme is being prepared for the youngest with the children's theater play "Enchanted Santa Claus". On January 1st, the show is reserved for the performance of the biggest domestic music star, Sergej Ćetković, while the band "Toć" will be an intro band. This, however, is only part of what people of Herceg Novi and guests can expect during the New Year holidays.

On 31 December and January 1, Škver will bring the sounds of electronic music, or more precisely the performances of popular DJs, while the daily parties will be organised as well during the New Year's holidays. Also, with the engagement of music stars from the former Yugoslavia, along with large, well-known hits and fireworks, Herceg Novi will proceed in the most beautiful way in New Year 2019.

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