Kostanjada 2018 Stoliv Next Saturday

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October 28, 2018 - Kostanjada is a traditional gastro-cultural manifestation aimed at highlighting the chestnut woods, a valuable segment of the natural heritage of Boka Bay, whose roots go back to the ancient times.

The "Kostanjada" traditional event organized by the NGO "Kamelija" and the Stoliv Local Community will be held on Sunday, November 4, in front of the Niko Bilafer Cultural Centre. The program begins at 11 am.

The program includes a presentation and tasting of chestnut products and healthy food, tasting of local wines, a cultural and entertainment program, an exhibition of artwork and children's works, a sports program on the "Pod kostanje" terrain, and excursions to pedestrian paths in Gornji Stoliv and Vrmac.

Romeo Mihović, president of the NGO Kamelija Stoliv, who signs the organization of Kostanjada, points out that nature is wonderful, as we are to her, commenting on the fact that Kostanjada was questioned this year because of the bad chestnut yield, so it seemed like it would not be enough for the festival even in the centuries-old plantation between Donji and Gornji Stoliv, one of the largest in Boka.

Kostanjada is a manifestation aimed at highlighting this valuable segment of the natural heritage of Boka Bay, whose roots go back to the ancient times. Today, on the plantation plant, among the many-years-old trees, there are also individuals over 400 years old. Once planned sawn, the ornamental chestnut plantation today has the shape of a forest due to the drying of the trees, and many of the young ones. It is assumed that chestnut has been in Boka since Roman times because the Romans are the only ones responsible for the spread of this culture throughout the Mediterranean and even to the British Isles. The peculiarity of the Stoliv chestnut wood is that it is so close to the sea nowhere else, as in this village of Boka. Among other natural values, the chestnuts are part of the natural heritage of Vrmac, which is a candidate for protection in the Nature Park category, as evidenced by an expert study of natural values, made in the framework of the project "Heritage - Driver of Development."

"It is a manifestation that is being organized in order to valorize the plant species that grow on the slopes of Mount Vrmac. I'm sure this year our dear guests will be olive growers, wine producers and healthy food producers, as well as beekeepers from all parts of Boka and Montenegro," said Romeo Mihović, president of the Steering Board of the NGO "Kamelija" Stoliv and invited everyone interested to attend this gastro-tourism event.

The patron of the event is TO Kotor.

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