Mountaineers Won Maja Rosit Peak (2,525 meters) on Mount Prokletije

By , 09 Sep 2018, 20:25 PM Travel
Mountaineers Won Maja Rosit Peak (2,525 meters) on Mount Prokletije Copyrights: National Park of Montenegro

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09 September 2018 - The Mountain Sports Association Prokletije and the Tourist Organisation Andrijevica have recently organized a hiking tour to one of the highest peaks of Prokletije – Maja Rosit (2,525 meters), with the support of the National Park Prokletije Education, Promotion and Marketing Service.

The campaign was led by the president of the Mountain Sports Association Prokletije, Zuvdija Bajraktarević.

Participants of the campaign were mountaineers from Plav, Andrijevica, Berane and Bijelo Polje, including the Director of the Tourist Organisation Andrijevica, Radovan Đeković.

Expert associate for park visitations, Boban Redžepagić, took part in the hiking and took many photos, thanks to which all interested parties can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of National Park Prokletije. Earlier this August, he also organized a hiking and excursion tour to the Prokletije peak Maja Podgojs (2.021 meters), which gives a glimpse of the entire Plav-Gusinje basin and belongs to one of the most beautiful sightseeing points.

NP Prokletije represents not only the center of high-level diversity of the Balkans but also the center of biodiversity of European and world importance. There are many natural forest species of deciduous and pine trees in the area of Prokletije and the forests, ecosystems affected by the different stages of climatic changes, as well as characteristic mountainous, highland, forest and meadows species. Forests are one of the most important natural resources of this protected area.

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