Meet the “Ladies Beach” in Ulcinj

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31 July, 2018 - In the southernmost Montenegrin seaside town of Ulcinj, in the cove between the hotel Albatros and the former hotel Galeb, there is a "Ladies Beach" which doctors recommend for the treatment of sterility due to the healing effect of sulphur-mineral springs. In the seashore of the "Ladies Beach" springs sulphur-mineral water. This thermal water was first examined 81 years ago and its effective effects were pointed out. Sulphur beach is located in the cove, in the centre of a pine forest, which is an ideal environment for treating illness connected with sterility, with nature. Sulphur water springs in shallow waters. When the waves of pure seawater sprinkle with sulphur water, ideal micro and macro molecules are created for natural aerosol therapy, doctor Karamanaga explains, and adds that the gynaecologists find that sunbathing and swimming in sulphur water, while carrying out medical treatments, helps the healing process.

“Ladies Beach” is known for its curious waters, a mixture of sulphur from an underwater spring, radium and sea salts. Pine resin from the sea trees at Ladies Beach, wafts in the air above the beach. Locals have long believed that Ladies Beach and its sea caves offer curative powers for ailments, and specific help to women with fertility issues.


It is desirable that in the dawn, women who have difficulties with conceiving come to the "Ladies Beach", sunbathe and swim completely naked. From May to October, women can come to the beach, and the most beautiful feeling is to come in the morning when the smell of dense pine trees and mineral water is mixed.

The cave within the beach gives the whole space the feeling of secrecy. The rocks are full of shells, and in the shallow waters, the water has a depth dark green colour. The density of water can be felt while swimming.

During the golden time of Montenegrin tourism, until the 1990s, the sulphur water on the "Ladies Beach" near the Albatros Hotel was marked on all tourist brochures. It was a magnet and attraction for foreigners, but also for all those who believed in its miraculous healing powers. Women still massively visit the “Ladies Beach", and from the morning hours to the sunset women enjoy sunbathing in silence and peace, while some move towards the stone by performing a ritual and hoping for wonder and maternity.


The locals are familiar with a healing ritual which woman must respect in order to fully utilise the therapeutic effect of the water. According to the ritual, woman must come to the beach accompanied by an older local woman, and visit a cave that locals call "the cave with a bad smell." Accompanied by the older woman, the younger female must undress and walk several times around a stone immersed in sulphurous brown water, in the middle of the cave. Once this ritual has been completed, the younger female then needs to consume a boiled egg brought for this purpose.

Sludge around sulphur springs also has healing properties. The locals say it has great effect on rheumatism but also on skin diseases. Due to clear blue sea, sandy and long beaches, springs of medicinal sulphur water, mineral sludge - peliloid, sea salt, Ulcinj is a healing destination known in the region and the world.

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