Montenegro Weekend Getaways: Plužine and Piva

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June 20, 2018 - Aljoša already wrote about hiking possibilities in the historical Piva region, in the Montenegrin north-west, so we will broaden the story for those of you still thinking about the options for this weekend. 

Piva offers traces and evidence of existence and development of human communities for almost ten thousand years of pre-history. This is a mountain region intersected with the canyons of Piva, Tara and Komarnica. For a long time now, Piva has attracted nature lovers from all over the world.

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"The Tara canyon is well-known for its beauty and depth. The wild, clean water of the river has given an unforgettable rafting experience for decades. The most beautiful part of the canyon of the river Komarnica called Nevidio (‘never seen’) offers canyoning adventures for the most courageous." Zvono.Me

Plužine is a small town in the Montenegrin north-west, only 25 km from the Bosnian border, and a place you go through when you go on your Tara river rafting trips. Plužine was completely rebuilt after the construction of the Mratinje Dam and HPP in 1975. Its construction resulted in the flooding of the Piva canyon and the creation of Lake Piva, which, with its 12.5 km², is the second largest lake in Montenegro so the town and the Piva monastery were moved to higher altitudes. 


The Piva Monastery was built in the sixteenth century and was the biggest church built during the Ottoman period in the Balkans. Noted for its frescoes, the monastery's treasures also include ritual objects, rare liturgical books, art, objects of precious metals and a psalm from the Crnojevići printing press, which was the first in the Balkans. Due to the mentioned construction of the Dam, the process of moving the Monastery, beginning in 1969 and completed in 1982, included the removal and replacement of over 1000 fresco fragments, covering 1,260 square meters.

Piva monastery5

 The "Izlazak" camp situated just a couple of kilometers before the Piva Monastery on the E762 is a perfect spot for rural tourism lovers. Almost all the food is home-made and it is most known for the beautiful view, great cheese, Piva trout, and lamb prepared "pod sač". 

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In the center of Plužine there is the famous Zvono jazz bar, best known for its homemade honey-wine and great Piva trout. Zvono also has a guest house with nice accommodation. 

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