Tivat Tourist Agency: “Tivat - No stress WIFI zone”

By , 28 May 2018, 16:26 PM Travel
Tivat Tourist Agency: “Tivat - No stress WIFI zone” Tivat Tourist Agency

May 28, 2018 - The Tivat Tourist Agency announces that “Tivat - No stress WIFI zone” has been placed on 16 transmitters over 12 locations in the city. Based on a two-day testing period with 15 of the 16 planned transmitters, the Mailchimp database recorded 288 users with registered e-mail addresses, reported the Tourist Organization.

Through this platform, marketing opportunities will be offered to all interested parties in the form of banners, for which more information can be obtained at the Tivat Tourist Agency address.

Users will have the necessary service information of all the companies listed on the platform by linking directly to their sites.

The Tivat Tourist Agency will work in the future to improve both the existing and the introduction of new technical innovations, all to satisfy the tourists to respond to their demand fully.

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