Have You Visited the Ali Pasha Springs?

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Have You Visited the Ali Pasha Springs? Opština Gusinje / https://www.opstinagusinje.me/o-gusinju/

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May 22, 2018 - On the Prokletije Mountain, about 925 meters above sea level, one of the premium attractions in Montenegro can be found called the Ali Pasha springs. Ali Pasha Springs is an impressive sight of many springs that all outbreak from the soil, then connect and form a new river – river Vruja. The Springs are located in the National park Prokletije, in the Plav municipality, about 1 km south of the settlement of Gusinje and 10 km away from Plav Lake.

Ali Pasha Springs occupy a large area, and they spring at the base of the Prokletije Mountain on an area of almost 300 square meters. The view here is spectacular, and the water is so clean, that many people drink water directly from the springs. While surfacing, the springs firstly form bubbles, and then the water slowly springs and the springs connect to form the river Vruja which flows into the Plav Lake. This area also contains a beautiful old stone mill, which has preserved its ancient wheat-grinding mechanism over the years.

The springs have had different names over the years. Firstly, they were called Vrulja, then Vrela, after that Savini izvori. Later, the name was changed to Gusinjski Springs, and today they are called Ali Pasha Springs. They got their latest name after Ali Pasha Shabanagaj, who governed an area in what is today’s Eastern Montenegro around Plav and Gusinje a long time ago. 

Ali Pasha Springs, while bursting from the soil itself, form a shallow pool. Even during the periods of drought in the summer, the springs reach the flow rate around 1,5 cubic meters per second, and it is up to three times bigger during the spring season. The whole scenery is especially magnificent at sunset. Some locals say that the water source is saturated with a significant amount of minerals and has healing powers.

Ali Pasha Springs is a genuine attraction for Montenegrins as well as for tourists. This is a perfect historical place for all people who prefer peaceful places with spectacular landscapes. Many tours are organized each year by various tourist organizations for all visitors who want to enjoy this lovely attraction that National park Prokletije has to offer.

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