Tara River: The Tear of Europe

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Tara River: The Tear of Europe Wikimedia Commons

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May 3, 2018 - The Tara is a river that flows through Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The total length of the river is 144 km, of which 104 km is in Montenegro, making it the longest river in the country. When describing the river, Montenegrins like to emphasize that the Tara is wild, capricious, and the most beautiful and cleanest river in Europe! The cleanliness of the river is recognized internationally, and that is how the Tara got its glory as “the tear of Europe”.

The Tara is formed at the meeting point of the rivers Opasnica and Veruša in the Komovi Mountains. Tara’s riverbed represents the border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in several places. The Tara flows from the south to north-west of the country, and on the border of the two countries, between the Montenegrin village Šćepan Polje and Bosnian village Hum, it forms the river Drina. 

The Tara cuts the Tara River Canyon (in Montenegrin: Kanjon rijeke Tare), also known as the Tara River Gorge. This impressive Canyon is almost 100 km long and 1,3 km deep, which makes it the second deepest canyon in the whole world. The part of the Canyon that is located in Montenegro is protected as a part of National park “Durmitor”, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Many tourists from all over the world are attracted to this beautiful canyon. Adventure seekers like to experience the Canyon through one of the leading tourist attractions in Montenegro - rafting. Others want to enjoy the view from afar, and head to the top of Mountain Ćurevac (1625 m). Along the canyon, the panoramic views leave all tourists breathless: beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear river pools, over 50 foaming rapids and thick forest with trees which can be up to 50 meters high, and up to 400 years old!

Rafting adventures vary “from mild to wild”, according to visitors’ wishes. Rafting usually takes place on the part of Tara that flows from the village Brstanovići to the village Šćepan Polje, because at this part, the Tara has the most significant drop in elevation in the shortest length. With up to five hours of numerous cascades, Tara is perfect for all adrenaline lovers. 

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During rafting, participants can notice the first waterfalls of the river Ljutica, then proceed under the Đurđevića Tara Bridge. Back when the Tara Bridge was first built in the 1940s, it was the most prominent vehicular concrete arch bridge in Europe. Even today, renowned architects and engineers from all over the world come to Montenegro to admire this beautiful structure. 

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During the rafting adventure, visitors are often granted breaks for swimming, photographing and sightseeing. Sightseeing, along with the panoramic views, includes numerous monasteries, old churches and mills. Also, tourists can notice rocky terraces, beaches, many high cliffs and up to 80 large caves!

All lovers of nature and wild beauty should come and experience Montenegro and the unique feeling of rafting on the river Tara!

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