Panoramic Roads of Montenegro: Five Bonus Roads (Continued)

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Panoramic Roads of Montenegro: Five Bonus Roads (Continued) Screenshot

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May 2, 2018 - In the previous article, we talked about the top five roads you can drive in Montenegro and today we will continue with the bonus roads. All of these roads are unique and take place in different parts of the country, and traveling these roads are not the same during different seasons.

Podgorica to Bijelo Polje via E80, E65

This road gives views of the Moraca River Canyon and its endlessly high boulders and mountains above. Travelers will mostly travel alongside the Moraca River and the beautiful wild forests. Part of the road goes along the Biogradska Gora National Park which eventually ends up at the Bjelasica Mountain. Taking this road will present you many different landscapes that are constantly changing and it is equally as fascinating in all seasons. You'll find different colors during the seasons, so for example, in the fall, there will be yellow and orange colors, while in the winter and in the spring, the dominant color is dark green. However, this road is one of the most dangerous roads in Montenegro, and it is suggested you drive slowly through the Moraca River canyon. Also, make sure that you stay on the road, because some streets, bridges or passages are quite narrow and amazing panoramas can easily distract you.

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Andrijevica to Konjuhe Village via BT AN05, TT3

For travelers taking this road, they will have plenty of time to admire the untouched nature, family farms, trees and animals, and also, the Zlorecica River. This river is present almost all the time, and if it is not visible, it either cuts the road path and goes under the road, or it goes under ground and comes back above further down the road. The road connects Andrijevica town and the Konjuhe Village, and the entire road is near Komovi Mountain which can be seen in the background. Yet again, the road is quite narrow at some points, but still, it provides unforgettable images to the eye.

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Niksic to Lukavica via M3, E762

If you take the road through Niksic and to Lukavica Mountain, you will witness some rural life, family farms and houses, old watermills and many other authentic events. Niksic is the town in Northern Montenegro, while Lukavica is nearby the mountain. This mountain will follow through the entire road, changing scenery at each turn. The area is enriched with fields that change colors as seasons come and go. Keeping this in mind, visitors will be able to experience the mountain and fields in colors that turn green during the early spring, yellow in the summer and early autumn, and finally red. When you reach the top of Lukavica Mountain, a fairy tale begins. This is the kind of experience you have to see for yourself.

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Niksic to Risan via M6, P11

This road connects the North of Montenegro with the seaside. It almost 80 kilometers long and it provides a unique experience which starts at a high latitude and ends up at the sea level in little over an hour. This road has only two tracks, back and forth, and its scenery varies from the mountains in the background, forest and wild nature to the sea, beaches and sun. The road is long enough, so it makes a perfect gradient between these two. After you almost reach Risan, you will be on top of the hill that features a view over whole Kotor Bay. This sight is spectacular and breathtaking and is definitely one you shouldn't miss. 

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Tara Bridge to Mojkovac via P4

This bridge is the longest bridge in Montenegro and is 365 meters long and 170 meters above the Tara River. The Tara Bridge is one of the key landmarks in the Tara Canyon and the North of Montenegro in general. There are restaurants nearby, so travelers are welcome to enjoy refreshments, and there are also activities for those who admire extreme sports such as ZipLining alongside the bridge or Bungee Jumping off the bridge. The long road goes along the Tara River canyon which provides spectacular views. 

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Source: Drive Montenegro – The 15 Most Scenic Roads for Route Planning

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